​myHeart_KE the A team.

I was so blessed to walk and work  with a group of amazing people who were professionals in various fields representing different careers and personalities. They really brought the fun into the projects and made working much easier. i really want to thank and appreciate them for their amazing job and dedication and this is why I decided to do a blog post in their honor. without further ado lets get to it.

Name: Ogweno Stephen commonly known as Steven Stowel

Institution of study Kenyatta University

Course Bsc population medicine

I am the founder and the developer of the project MyHeart_ke.and I have really enjoyed the first phase of this project which took place in Kisumu County.

I learned a lot during the visits. Giving talks and teachings made me more aware of the risks that face me and how I can avoid them and live with a healthy heart. This was probably the best phase of my life. Inspiring change everyday in the upcoming generation, being able to see people accept the message and strive to change their lifestyles and seeing all the genuine smiles I collected during my tours made me so contented and glad. I realy want to thank the almighty God, the team I walked with and the schools we worked with. Lets do this again in another county (next we going to Mombasa County btw…)

Name Adams Odero Miranda

Institution of study Maseno University

Course Medicine

 From the project, I identified that the knowledge gap as regard to cardiovascular disease, is still very wide. The kids we talked to knew very little. To foster behavior change that could results to adoption of preventive measures, attention should be given to educating teenagers on heart and cardiovascular disease. The old saying goes, bend the steal while it’s still hot.

Name Jim Lewis Omondi

Institution of study Kenyatta University

Course Fashion Design &Marketing

• myHeart_KE is not only a project but an amazing inspiration journey into seeing people live healthy and mindful lives. 

Stowel the mind behind this is also one passion driven individual who does this relentlessly in an effort to see people gain a lot.

He works with a team that is also very committed and passionate too. 
• I have personally attended 3 visits. The reception from the students is far much greater and an audience ready to learn which goes a long way into bringing myHeart_KE project to life every single time.


Lifestyle expert.

What i did learn

Basically I’ve been informed and empowered with knowledge about heart diseases, causes, preventive measures that entails healthy living habits because my heart is my choice. With the movement that comprises of skilled personnel, it was an amazing team to work with not forgetting how they handle their audience with proficiency and professionalism. Indeed it’s an experience to remember

Knowledge is power and so is information empowering decision making. I  believe with the knowledge shared now those who benefitted from the programme knows that their hearts health is their choice they either build it up or bring it down.

Name Dravin Ronny Victor Odhiambo.

Institution of study  Kenyatta University.

Course Environmental science

Importance of proper health care, in our daily lives, such as common heart and blood circulatory diseases and their immediate precaution, prevention and control measures ..

It was cool communicating with the audience of the project and my colleagues too, thanks to that management of that program which made every move possible.

Let’s inspire

Let’s change lives

Let’s save lives

#myheartke #stowelink

REMEMBER-if you want to support Stowelink Inc and our various projects, if you want collaborations with us or if you want to reach us you can reach us directly through the following contact addresses.

PHONE NUMBER+254714671748

EMAIL ADRESS  stowelink@gmail.com

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a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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