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Our Story.

Established in 2016 Stowelink is a registered youth led organization whose primary ethos and vision is to inspire healthier communities by providing information on non-communicable diseases to ALL, at ALL times, and in RELEVANT formats through integration of innovative community projects, technology and using disruptive communication approaches.

Since 2016 Stowelink has been able to conduct 7 projects including project ALPHA on cancer awareness and education, MyHeart Ke on cardiovascular health awareness and education and The Drug Free Youth Project. Through these projects Stowelink aims to educate communities on the major NCDs and their risk factors. To date Stowelink has been able to reach over 2.4 million people both online and offline, receive local and global recognition for their innovation and in 2020 expand its impact and partners through the NCDs 365 project to 8 African countries.

At the core of Stowelink’s approach to this noble work is innovation. At Stowelink we have been able to develop a mhealth solution for NCDs education through the mCure app (available on Playstore), gamify learning on NCDs especially to kids through the development of the NCDs board game and through the development of the NCDs training module, we have developed a tool that simplifies NCDs education while also harnessing the power of visual learning. At Stowelink our driving mantra is and always will be, “transforming and empowering lives.”


To inspire healthier communities through provision of information and diagnostic services for non-communicable diseases to ALL at ALL times and in RELEVANT formats through integration of innovative community projects, technology and using disruptive communication approaches.


To be the leading global provider of quality health services especially to the youth through the use of technology and information to provide fulfilling lives.  While at it, we seek to promote and enhance effective prevention, control and management of non-communicable diseases while also providing youth friendly services to ensure the rise of a generation well equipped with information on non-communicable diseases.

flagship projects


Project ALPHA is a project which focuses on creation of sensitization and awareness on cancers equipping the communities we talk to with vital information on cancers, their signs symptoms and more importantly how to prevent and manage them with key focus on the importance of regular checkups and diagnosis.


Project slim fit is a Stowelink project aimed at targeting and addressing the fourth risk factor related to non-communicable diseases which is physical inactivity.The project aims at creating awareness on physical inactivity encouraging light and consistent physical activities and using new disruptive approaches in showing how physical activities could be done.


The NCDs 365 project is a multinational project by Stowelink that focuses on providing daily content for 365 days a year on various non communicable diseases in a bid to improve NCDs literacy across the world. The content is shared daily across all social media platforms with quarterly community projects across various countries.


The drug free youth is a Stowelink project which aims at creating awareness on drugs and substance abuse with particular focus to tobacco smoking and alcohol use among the young people. The project aims at showing the effects of drug abuse and linking them to non-communicable diseases since tobacco and alcohol abuse are the leading risk factors for non-communicable diseases. The project uses various approaches to ensure the message is out and these include public education, focus group discussions and the use of art to talk about drug and substance abuse linking them to non-communicable diseases.

other projects


2017 – 2019

My Heart KE. is a project aimed at sensitizing the country and the world on cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular conditions and encouraging the practice of a healthy lifestyle to prevent and avoid these conditions. The project aims at visiting different counties within the country with this message. The project was officially launched in June 2017 and has been running ever since. Throughout the projects we have partnered with Stroke Association of Kenya and Amref Health Africa, the Non-Communicable diseases alliance of Kenya amongst other partners in Kenya who have proved to be very crucial partners in the movement on cardiovascular health and wellbeing.

#10,000 PROJECT


This is the big goal this year (2019) to reach individuals DIRECTLY with messages on free health care and health messages. As at now those we have been able to directly reach is at an approximate of 9761 people reached directly and interacted one on one with them and are hoping to reach many more as the year progresses though all our main projects of 2019.



Save A Life, Save A World is a project aimed at creating sensitization and awareness on gender-based violence issues and diseases and fistula. The project aims at providing the right information with the aim of making the youths and the society as a whole to be able to make the right decisions as far as gender and sexual based issues are concerned. The project began in February 2017 and has been running ever since. The project has been sponsored The Aids Control Unit in the past year and has continued to reach more youths with the information required.


2016 – Present

Make A Change Movement is a movement under Stowelink whose main aim is to purely give back to the society. As Stowelink Inc. we strongly believe in giving back to the society as a result we decided to visit children’s home every quarter throughout the year.  We are committed to improving lives and giving back to the society because at Stowelink we strongly believe in transforming and empowering lives

Stowelink, Transforming and Empowering lives.

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