Stowelink is a youth led social enterprise registered with the government of Kenya in 2019 as a company. We are youth driven and focused on attaining one mission only and that is transforming and empowering lives. We do this actively trough focusing on health and disruptive entrepreneurship. We have 3 main divisions and this include the health division, the disruptive entrepreneurship division and the techHub Division. Stowelink focuses majorly on reaching the young people with various messages on health and wellbeing.



Our main focus is to provide health and wellbeing and with the specific interest in non-communicable diseases. We also have an interest in sexual reproductive health and these two form our major focus in the health division. Under non communicable diseases we focus majorly on preventive primary health care providing services and undertaking projects aimed at addressing this. We have projects to address the 4 major risk factors to non-communicable diseases which include tobacco use, alcohol use, poor diets and physical inactivity. We also go a step forward to provide primary preventing of non-communicable diseases which include screening services where we currently do screening for cardiovascular diseases which are the leading killer non communicable diseases through blood pressure screening, blood sugar screening, and with time we hope to start screening for cancers and other NCDS. We also conduct relevant easy to understand trainings on the preventive approaches of all non-communicable diseases. Under sexual and reproductive health we also conduct primary health care projects  and health education with our major target being the young people.



Under the Disruptive entrepreneurship division, we focus on raising a generation of youth who are job creators and not job seekers.as a result we established the Kreative Hub clubs in the universities to help us reach the young people in universities who are considered the cream of the society and transform them into not only intellectuals but also individuals with hands on skills who can be able to create jobs for themselves and the communities around them. The Kreative hub clubs have been established in Kenyatta University and Jommo Kenyatta University of Agriculture And Technology with small groups in Moi University and Egerton university. The club trains its members on 3 main pillars: health, disruptive entrepreneurship and soft skillsdevelopment with major focus on leadership and personal development foe all the members.



In this division we focus majorly on using technology as a tool to spearhead innovation under heath care and entrepreneurship. As a result, we have been able to design award winning mobile app on health care with focus on cardiovascular health called MyHeart ke which we are now upgrading to mCure App. Besides creating apps, we also develop websites, do social media marketing and manage social media sites.


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