project alpha(shoot 1) #change4cancer [part 2] THE FUTURE GENERATION.

during the shoot we had an amazing time to interact with children and high school students.well its important that we strive to develop the upcoming generations by empowering them with knowledge skills and the inspiration they need. we talked to students from 3 high schools about cancer in general but we also inspired them throughContinue reading “project alpha(shoot 1) #change4cancer [part 2] THE FUTURE GENERATION.”

project alpha (shoot 1) #change4cancer[part 2] THE WORLD CANCER DAY 4.2.2017

It so happens that also this blog coincided with the world cancer day where we also participated in was a fun filled and a fulfilling day especially because people turned up in numbers to know more about thing you can be sure of is that on that day definitely we touched lives. aContinue reading “project alpha (shoot 1) #change4cancer[part 2] THE WORLD CANCER DAY 4.2.2017”

Are we getting closer to understanding why we get prostate cancer?

A cancer diagnosis can be earth shattering. While treatments are available, and prostate cancer has a relatively high survival rate, battling the disease is not easy. Every so often we note that we still have little to no really clear idea why men get prostate cancer in the first place (or indeed why any ofContinue reading “Are we getting closer to understanding why we get prostate cancer?”