Hello everyone out there reading this post hoping you are very fine and doing well.
Now the purpose of this post is to highlight a few facts and important lessons about cardiovascular health we taught at Nyamasaria secondary school so that even you there, yes you, our online audience may learn on Cardiovascular Health and begin changing your life and lifestyle towards the right direction as concerns Cardiovascular Health.

img_20170630_163830_124.jpgTAKING NOTES…


Why women need to know about heart disease

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women Heart disease kills more women than all forms of cancer combined Heart disease can permanently damage your heart—and your life If heart disease is not treated, serious complications can develop.


Now lets briefly study atherosclerosis get to know what really it is…

  Atherosclerosis is what some people call “hardening of the arteries.” Plaque, which is cholesterol, calcium, and other substances, builds up in the walls of blood vessels. This can happen anywhere in the body. Coronary heart disease occurs if plaque builds up in the coronary arteries of the heart. The plaque buildup narrows the arteries and reduces blood flow to your heart muscle. The plaque can rupture and cause a blood clot to form. This further narrows the artery and the process repeats itself. Over time, the artery gets narrower and narrower, reducing blood flow even more.

(Remember keep following the conversation to get to know how to prevent and control such conditions)


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img_20170630_164720_945.jpgSTOWEL IN ACTION

img_20170630_163428_991.jpgACTIVE STUDENTS PARTICIPATING

img_20170630_164029_533.jpgTAKING NOTES…

img_20170629_172052.jpgATTENTIVE AND KEEN STUDENTS

Let’s inspire
Let’s change lives
Let’s save lives
#myheartke #stowelink

myHeart_Ke KISUMU COUNTY TOUR:( Stowelink In Collaboration With Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Referal Hospital And The Kisumu County Hospital) Visit NYAMASARIA SECONDARY SCHOOL.

img_20170630_172600_072.jpgpart of the team we went with to this visit.

We intended to launch our project officially at Kenya Medical Training College- Kisumu Campus two weeks ago but seemingly that didn’t go through due to unavoidable administrative complexities that our host institution was facing at the moment. Still we managed to get members of the school work with us through out our Kisumu Tour.

img_20170630_163614_910.jpgFelix in action

Nevertheless we went ahead to start out our visit in Kisumu County with nothing but the will to make this positive change in the society. Our first visit was at Nyamasaria Secondary School. The visit was a massive success.

img_20170630_165727_214.jpgPascal in action

We had a two hour period filled with a lot of activities towards ensuring we took the message home. The first hour we talked to the boys and the girls separately, handling issues of hygiene, boy health and girl health, we also talked on the specific nutrition and exercise routines specifically directed to males and females on their general health and more specifically on cardiovascular health.

In the next hour we combined the two teams and talked further on cardiovascular health in general discussing the diseases in details, their causes their treatment and more importantly their prevention and adopting the best lifestyle habits.

img_20170630_164230_574.jpgactive student participation

In this session we received a lot of questions from the active students and answered those to their satisfaction. I’d like to state that we had a very interactive session with these students and at the end we could feel that we already had made a change. We even got volunteers and ambassadors for health in this school that would ensure that in the end the message stuck with the student and that they will not only keep it to themselves but share it with everyone they met.

img_20170630_165633_629.jpgStowel in action

This was one of the best visits we have heard yet and it was a great way to start up the tour.

img_20170629_170039.jpgIsaiah from Kisumu County hospital in action

Next we will be visiting Kasagam High School where we intend to do even better.
Some people usually ask why burden yourself with these notion of using all your funds towards helping other people and making the world a better place. Well I give not because I have a lot to donate but I give help and share because I know how it feels like to have nothing. And also because one of my best friends Brian Oyugi helped me at a critical period in my life when I had nothing at all, but well that’s a story for another day.

Here are a few more pictures from the event



img_20170630_165355_008.jpgkeen and attentive students



Let’s inspire
Let’s change lives
Let’s save lives
#myheartke #stowelink

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MyHeart_Ke (a Cardiovascular health sensitization project)

photogrid_1498726738441.jpgSo just after I finished a very successful project on sensitization of cancers ,a project dubbed project ALPHA, I embark on yet another project. Just to note project ALPHA was very successful, it run for four months and reached over 100,000 people in the four month period. Onto the next project
Introducing myHeart_Ke.photogrid_1498727181018.jpg
Well this project is going to major mainly on sensitization of cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular health or in simple lay man’s language heart health and heart related diseases. This is what bigger organizations like the Matta Heart Run do annually but we as Stowelink are going to do it over a four month period involving visits to various counties and conducting tours to various institutions to get the message out there.

We will start with Kisumu County where we intend to visit 5 institutions and the community to educate them on cardiovascular health and cardiovascular diseases.
On this post though we will start with a pictorials feature of ‘do you knows’ about your heart. You’ll find out that there is a lot about your heart you didn’t know about.
Enough of the introduction lets get to the FACT CHECK





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During my attachment period at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching And Referral Hospital I have noted that it has a very active Gender Based Violence Recovery Center. This place is a safe haven for all those who have under gone gender based violence in one way or the other. The center works for 24 hours a day everyday and is complete with medical officers nurses ,a pharmacy ,a psychologist and even a safe room for survivors.

img_20170614_104307_291.jpgPREPARATIONS BEFORE THE TALK

Last Friday the team from this center visited one of the primary schools in Kisumu called Highway primary school (which is literally on the highway hehe) where we talked to students from class 6 and 7 on gender based violence issues. Well I being part of the team was so amazed at how intelligent these students were and how they seemed to ask a lot of questions and answer a lot of questions too.

img_20170614_104624_462.jpgMR MBECHE IN ACTION

The team lead by Mr Mbeche consisted of Pascal ,Felix ,Zanele, Stowel ,Mr Mbeche and Willkister and one other student from Maseno University ; was a diligent team which handled the sensitization quite recomendably. The teams divided into two and talked to the students at length on issues on rape and defilement.



I thought it wise to share some of the key points in the discussion so that even you, yes ,YOU when defiled or raped know exactly what to do.

img_20170614_105317_862.jpgIN ACTION-ZANELLE

1.Its not your fault that you are raped and when you are these are the DOS AND THE DON’TS and the phone address to call supposing you are within KISUMU and its environs.


1.Report to the nearest hospital immediately for:

  • HIV Prevention (PEP)
  • .Pregnancy prevention .
  • Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • Collection of evidence . Counseling

2. Report to the police and record a statement.

img_20170614_105203_807.jpgPASCAL IN ACTION



  1. DO NOT take a bath or comb your hair
  2. DO NOT change, wash or throw away your clothes, INSTEAD wrap IN khaki bag, clean leso or cotton and take them to the hospital.
  3. DO NOT remove anything where the rape occurred.
  4. DO NOT dispose off a condom if one was used.
  5. DO NOT pass urine or stool or wipe genital area. if you must pass collect some in a clean container and take it to the hospital.

img_20170614_104454_992.jpgMR MBECHE IN ACTION

NB//Incase you’ve been raped/defiled report to THE NEAREST hospital

Within 72hrs to prevent HIV.

Within 120hrs to prevent pregnancy

img_20170614_105010_980.jpgFELIX IN ACTION



Call 0714 138 868 for professional counseling and support





img_20170614_104902_943.jpgLISTENING ATTENTIVELY







projectALPHA WORKSHOP[led by SANTE REVA organization] part 2

The project alpha workshop brought the best about cancers and lifestyle diseases on two of training was even better.we got to talk about testicular breast and prostate cancers.


More people attended  this session having missed the first session which happened the day before.the discussion on this day as described by the attendees was nothing short of open straight talk and awesome as the trainers took us into the deeper levels of knowledge and training. one of the most notable momenta as noted by the participants was the breast cancer examination demonstrations and the nuts testicular examination.


To cut this short the participants were given feedback forms to rate the event in the following categories and these are the results


on a rate of 1 to 5 with one being poor and 3 being average and 5 being excellent answer question 1 and 2

Question 1
how was the training experience?

  • 91%  rated 5- excellent
  • 7% rated 4-very good
  • 2% rated 3- good

Question 2
rate if the training met its scope?

  • 87% rated 5- excellent
  • 3% rated 4- very good
  • 10% rated 3- good

question 3
was the information clearly communicated?[yes/no]

100% answered yes

Question 4
did the information have a positive impact on your lifestyle?[yes/no]

100% answered yes

what were the key messages you will take home with you?

  • HPV causes prevention and treatment options
  • importance of  EARLY cancer SCREENING
  • how to check your NUTS[testes for abnormalities]
  • how to properly perform BREAST EXAMINATION.
  • importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle.


This definitely proving that we have just began changing lives.project ALPHA is meant to transform every bit of you towards a healthy lifestyle.

i can confidently say this WE DID IT. we CHANGED LIVES we CHANGE4CANCER.we WILL WIN.

A big thank you to SANTE REVA ORGANIZATION for being with us in this journey.we  as Stowelink really appreciate your massive input into this project.we are so humbled and appreciate the input. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH.



PROJECT ALPHA WORKSHOP(facilitated by Sante Reva Organization) part 1 of 2

So far project ALPHA has used fashion and design in sensitizing for cancer, we have used online means and social media networks,we have used campaigns too and now it was time to use WORKSHOPS AND OPEN FORUMS  to really impact one on one and talk about cancers and relation to sexual health.

We couldn’t have gotten better facilitators and this is something we really appreciated.In all the very many health talks and health forums that i have ever attended as an individual. I have to admit that this was by far the most open engaging and the most detailed talk I’ve received in years.Well let me introduce SANTE REVA ORGANIZATION lead by one lady Dr Zena.


The team comprises of  many doctors but of particular interest to us were the three who who came over to guide us through the workshop. From the response we heard from the students and staff who attended the 2 day workshop,they were so proud and so happy that these particular facilitators came through.


The workshop was particularly a huge success bearing in mind that it really met it’s scope.A lot of people came out of the workshop so happy and so positive that they could change their lives and that they should be getting tested early for cancers among other diseases.


We had a few challenges especially with the timing of the workshop and a few other issues but we still ensured the workshop was an overwhelming success.we will change the world we will change for cancer we will win.we really want to thank Sante Reva organization for really coming through and making this a very huge success







Kenyatta university school of public health today visited one of the slums in kasarani ,Nairobi Kenya where they had a lot of impact.

But well lets start from the beginning. The students agreed to meet at 8:30 at Kenyatta university main campus gate. Well, most of the people arrived late and this prompted the late departure with students leaving the university premises at around to Kasarani we went with one sole mission, TO CHANGE LIVES.

We arrived to the site of interest 30 mins latter where we were met by a large herd of goat.(just a by the way) on arrival we met our able lecturer Mr George Dianga who was going to lead us in the days activities. Mr Dianga gave us directions on what we were supposed to do and introduced us to the community members who would then help us into the activities of the day which involved.Clean up, addressing sanitation in the area, conduction of a brief health education and impacting on lives of the community members.

We were grouped into then groups of 5-7 people who were given a community leader who would guide them into the communities streets to help do the clean up. Off the groups went and the students were very positive in helping the community which was in a ‘slum’ like setting realize the importance of sanitation and good hygiene.

The activities went on as planned and latter on after all the collection of litter was done, they were collected by a county truck to where they would be safely disposed.
Off course in such activities one should expect challenges and hostilities which we definitely got.some community members weren’t so welcoming while some were harsh and rude but all the same there were some of them which actually gave out a helping hand.


After the collection we met at our starting point where we addressed the community on issues of hygiene and sanitation and the importance of clean environment. The community leaders took our word in and really supported what we told them. Latter on we would procede to lunch which id say by far it was rejuvenating and satisfying this having been provided courtesy of Mr Obuya Jaleny the congressman school of public health.

We would latter leave the shoot site satisfied and happy that we made a positive impact in this community and that very soon we would be going back for follow up to check on how much the community has changed. This definitely was one great day.

ALWAYS STRIVE TO DO GOOD,TO CHANGE LIVES,TO INSPIRE HOPE –Steven Stowel (who was also in attendance)


save a life,save a world project.

i take a break from bringing you all the details of my main project this year,project alpha and bring to you in light yet another project i recently developed and implemented at Kenyatta university SAVE A LIFE ,SAVE A WORLD PROJECT.img_20170208_114248

SAVE A LIFE ,SAVE A WORLD  project is a project which was developed to specifically target the valentines period where most of love activities which sometimes come with sex occur.the project was developed with an aim of offering sex education and the proper use of condoms for the student community of Kenyatta university.during the project.the project also aimed at providing and distributing condoms to the student community for the whole week prior to the valentines day.

we got support from the Kenyatta university aids control unit who provided us with condoms and the necessary  materials we needed for the condom distribution and sex education activities.i must add the project was a huge success having reached out to around 75% of the total student population around Kenyatta university then.the project was aided by the amazing 2nd year POPULATION HEALTH students of Kenyatta university.the students gave their all in insuring that the project was a success and that they reach as much students with the information as possible so as to avoid cases and issues that might arise of unprotected promiscuous sex.



i always say that we can make a change and i believe that definitely we  will make a change.through such acts of kindness and charity and voluntary activities we can achieve more than what a lot of people may actually think.lets save a life,then save a world.

project ALPHA (SHOOT 1)people made this happen.

The first shoot was a major success because of the people who worked tirelessly to ensure that everything went as planned.For one, the marketing team did an amazing job at making the shoot a success.they ensured the word had spread far and wide thus making the shoot far more effective.

The photographer who came through whose profiles I’ll be publishing in my subsequent posts also made this shoot a huge success because they did the major work.Off course a big shout out to haus valeriaa and her team because they made our models look lovely by doing them amazing make up free of charge.This was so so awesome of them.img-20170201-wa0035

The designers who made it through also @eddie_muyishime and at haus valeriaa you also did an amazing job.All this towards raising funds for prostate cancer awareness and all we as Stowelink Inc could say is; damn they did it out of their hearts.img-20170201-wa0060img-20170204-wa0014

We also can not forget our CEO who is so so in love with this project and supports it with all his might Mr Ogweno Stephen commonly known as Steven Stowel.He is proving to us over and over again that we can make a change ,we can inspire a generation,we can change the world.img-20170202-wa0051

And after a day full of inspiration, love and pure fashion; the shoot was a success as it went as planned .We know damn too well we couldn’t have done it without the team that supported us through all this and that is why this blog post is dedicated to the huge team that supports Stowelink Inc .To all the photographers ,the models, the designers, the photo directors, the marketers  and the support stuff we as Stowelink Inc wanna say a big THANK YOU.

We will change the world and people will live to see many many more years because we dared to do something about it.We dared to change the situation.We dared to stand up and speak.img-20170201-wa0016