KREATIVE HUB DINNER 16/11/2019 part 2

Latter on the event led to awards which included awarding of king and queen of the Kreative Hub. These are the most active people during the first cohort who now will be included in the administration to help in the training of the next cohorts besides being the ambassadors of the Kreative Hub. These WereContinue reading “KREATIVE HUB DINNER 16/11/2019 part 2”

KREATIVE HUB DINNER 16/11/2019 part 1

Stowelink in partnership with the Kreative Hub organized end of year dinner where we brought youths and stakeholders together to talk about health entrepreneurship and to look back and reflect on the events of the year. Noel Murunga – chairperson  Kreative Hub is a youth initiative focused on creative entrepreneurship health and personal development developedContinue reading “KREATIVE HUB DINNER 16/11/2019 part 1”

The Kreative Hub: What is it?

Stowelink is looking forward to launch the Kreative hub and their has been a lot of speculation about what the Kreative hub will be. This post is just to give you hints on what the hub will be all about What is it??? Kreative hub is club in the universities developed by Stowelink specifically byContinue reading “The Kreative Hub: What is it?”


The D-day for the event was on 29th July 2018.the event was highly attended by Stowelink members, YALI representatives and KUHESMA members.we assembled at Kenyatta University after which we headed to the children’s home. On arrival at the children’s home, we planned ourselves and divided ourself so that some would cook, others would clean theContinue reading “YALI SERVES EVENT :GRACE COMMUNITY CHILDREN’S HOME VISIT. 29/7/2018”

Stowelink in collaboration with KUHESMA organise a YALI serves event

Stowelink in collaboration with KUHESMA which stands for Kenyatta University health services management student association organised a YALI serves event. Tali serves events are events aimed at creating social impact and thus year they were turned around the exemplary leadership of Nelson Mandela. The event was organised by a panel of competent leaders from theContinue reading “Stowelink in collaboration with KUHESMA organise a YALI serves event”

Mylittlebigthing competition :Africa’s Biggest Sustainability Challenge 10/7/2018

Stowelink participated in the African biggest sustainability innovation challenge dubbed mylittle big thing competition. The competition aims at identifying youth in the universities who are aiming towards solving the sustainable development goals in innovative and sustainable ways. At Stowelink we submitted our solution on how we solve sustainable development goals number 3 oh health forContinue reading “Mylittlebigthing competition :Africa’s Biggest Sustainability Challenge 10/7/2018”

Stowelink nominated and wins the KUSA AWARDS 6/7/2018

Stowelink was nominated for the Kenyatta University Students Association Awards under the category of exemplary leadership deeds Award, a category which seems to award exemplary Students who’ve had actionable impact in societies and communities around them and in the university. official campaign poster Stowelink won this award which was presented to the Stowelink founder MrContinue reading “Stowelink nominated and wins the KUSA AWARDS 6/7/2018”


On the 26th of June 2018 Stowelink organised a leadership forum titled be the leader forum which saw members of Stowelink actively engage and learn from leaders from 14 different countries and learn from them. This event with saw leaders from the YALI regional leadership center visit Stowelink member in Kenyatta University was a hugeContinue reading “YALI COMES TO STOWELINK -BE THE LEADER FORUM. 26/6/2018”


Cohort 25 was an amazing lot, the people and the networks from all these 14 countries in each and central Africa was amazing. This blog post is just to share a few images of what the whole experience looked like and hope as a young leader out there you are inspired to join the networkContinue reading “THE YALI EXPIRIENCE THE PEOPLE AND THE NETWORKS (Cohort 25)”