MyHeart Ke X May Measurement Month: 5 Misconceptions About High Blood Pressure

Are you worried about high blood pressure in yourself, a family member, or a friend? Your concern is well-founded. If left untreated, high blood pressure — also called hypertension — can lead to a range of health problems, including heart disease and stroke. Knowing more about high blood pressure can help you prevent this conditionContinue reading “MyHeart Ke X May Measurement Month: 5 Misconceptions About High Blood Pressure”

MyHeart Ke X May measurement month week 1

May Measurement Month is a global movement aimed at getting individuals to know their blood pressure numbers. The movement is aimed at creating awareness on non-communicable diseases and especially cardiovascular diseases including hypertension and high blood pressure. The activities in this month include blood pressure screening and counselling on blood pressure and its implications onContinue reading “MyHeart Ke X May measurement month week 1”

myheart_ke NAIROBI tour starts with a bang-KASARANI HALL ACADEMY

Myheart ke has been running for quite sometime now and as promised we definitely set our goals to do a Nairobi county tour.The project is about creating awareness and sensitization project on cardiovascular health in the society led by Ogweno Stephen,mostly known just as Steven stowel. The first school that we visited Kasarani Hall AcademyContinue reading “myheart_ke NAIROBI tour starts with a bang-KASARANI HALL ACADEMY”


Kenya celebrated its annual world stroke day courtesy of the Stroke Association Of Kenya and the Ministry of Health among other collaborating partners. The event was a huge success considering the number of people who turned up for the event to get tested ,know about stroke and off course those who came for the informationContinue reading “KENYA CELEBRATES WORLD STROKE DAY”


Well I decided to name this the grand conclusion of part 1 of our Kisumu County tour as we all know the country is going to elections and schools are closing for break. Its in this school that we saw ,talked and interacted with the highest number of students at one go,a whopping over 700Continue reading “myHeart_KE THE GRAND CONCLUSION OF KISUMU COUNTY TOUR-LIONS HIGH SCHOOL”


Hello there we once again took it to the schools as this time round we visited Xaverian Primary School. Well you know you could expect that we really did well with the students and for sure we didn’t disappoint. The team this time round was bigger and better. The reception into this school was warm.Continue reading “myHeart_KE KISUMU COUNTY TOUR-XAVERIAN PRIMARY SCHOOL”

MyHeart_Ke (a Cardiovascular health sensitization project)

So just after I finished a very successful project on sensitization of cancers ,a project dubbed project ALPHA, I embark on yet another project. Just to note project ALPHA was very successful, it run for four months and reached over 100,000 people in the four month period. Onto the next project Introducing myHeart_Ke. Well thisContinue reading “MyHeart_Ke (a Cardiovascular health sensitization project)”

projectALPHA WORKSHOP[led by SANTE REVA organization] part 2

The project alpha workshop brought the best about cancers and lifestyle diseases on two of training was even better.we got to talk about testicular breast and prostate cancers. More people attended  this session having missed the first session which happened the day before.the discussion on this day as described by the attendees was nothingContinue reading “projectALPHA WORKSHOP[led by SANTE REVA organization] part 2”

PROJECT ALPHA WORKSHOP(facilitated by Sante Reva Organization) part 1 of 2

So far project ALPHA has used fashion and design in sensitizing for cancer, we have used online means and social media networks,we have used campaigns too and now it was time to use WORKSHOPS AND OPEN FORUMS  to really impact one on one and talk about cancers and relation to sexual health. We couldn’t haveContinue reading “PROJECT ALPHA WORKSHOP(facilitated by Sante Reva Organization) part 1 of 2”