On the 26th of June 2018 Stowelink organised a leadership forum titled be the leader forum which saw members of Stowelink actively engage and learn from leaders from 14 different countries and learn from them. This event with saw leaders from the YALI regional leadership center visit Stowelink member in Kenyatta University was a huge success and a lot of insight and lessons were learned from this event.

The Stowelink team lead by the coordinator Harizon Ayallo ensured that the Stowelink members were well in place and that the event was a success.
A few important lessons from the YALI members that came out of the forum included :

Josec from kenya emphasised on the importance of taking risks to start up an initiative focused on social impact and on problem solving.


Jackie from kenya emphasised on the importance of looking past your physical and current conditions. She explained that despite being physically challenged she was still able to become an entrepreneur and even be a founder to an organization addressing societal needs for the physically challenged.


Cyril from kenya emphasised on the importance of addressing the needs in the society, he is the founder of the Smallest library in Africa finding a solution to education in his community.


Amiry from Tanzania emphasized on the importance of life after campus and on the importance of volunteering as a key towards building proffesionals reputation.
Julie from kenya and a student in the Oxford – UK emphasised on the importance of being proactive and actively looking and seeking for your personal goals and ambitions and never giving up on what you truly desire.


James from Uganda talked about the importance listening to your inner voice and leading by example and how it connects to your personal success as a leader.


wp-image--359239623Kamil from South Sudan emphasised on the importance of silencing external noises and listening to your inner self, he also emphasised on being passionate about your course and giving it you all.


Hilda from Tanzania emphasised on never giving up and being the best version of yourself. In her moving presentation she emphasised on the self reaffirmation and how self confidence and belief will ultimately lead to success.


Amhafith from Zanzibar emphasised on the importance of being persistent and following your heart, he emphasised on never giving up because the universe rewards those who are sturbon enough to follow their dreams


Clotilda from kenya emphasised on the importance of pushing on constantly and on taking risks and becoming strong in the face of fear and challenges


Steven from kenya and founder Stowelink emphasised on the Stowelink mantra which Is ‘we never give up, not now,not ever because if not us ,who? If not you, who? If not me, Who? who will change the world?’

The contributions from Stowelink members who came from Kenyatta University and jommo Kenyatta University of agriculture and technology were also shared.
The event was a huge success and reaffirmed Stowelink’s ultimate goal which is to see stronger healthier communities and employed youth.



Let’s inspire

Lets change lives

Let’s save lives


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a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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