IMG_20190117_134940.jpgThe African social behavior change is a conference that brought about various leaders, scientists, researchers and social behavior change activists from more than 35 countries across the glob together to present their work and insights on social behavior change and more than that on how it can be incorporated to make impact in the community.


But before that let me walk you on a journey by Stowelink Inc. on how we got to attend and more than that present 8 scientific research presentations on social behavior change. The journey began in 2016 when we took a big risks and developed a company and stated doing little scientific research and projects trying to solve challenges in addressing non communicable diseases and gender based violence.

Latter last year we were approached by a team from population services international to submit papers of our research work at the conference . we diligently did our first ever abstracts papers. This took a lot of researching and involvement with the university professors and eventually we submitted our first abstract papers on research.

After a long wait the good news we all had been waiting for came. We had qualified to attend the conference as 5 out of 6 scientific abstracts were accepted and 5 of our youth challenge presentations were accepted making it possible for us at Stowelink to have a total of 10 presentations at this great conference. With this news however came the challenge of sourcing for finances to attend the conference.

This led to a series of long and tiresome journeys and inquiries to various institutions to look for funding to attend the conference. Luckily enough all these efforts were rewarded and as a result we got into the conference. This meant to us just one thing, and it also prove to us just one thing TO NEVER GIVE UP

Let’s inspire

Lets change lives

Let’s save lives


REMEMBER-if you want to support Stowelink Inc and our various projects, if you want

collaborations with us or if you want to reach us you can reach us directly through the following contact addresses.

PHONE NUMBER+254714671748


Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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