MyHeart Ke X May Measurement Month Week 4 and 5- Githurai Youth Center, kenyatta University

IMG_20190609_131354_1.jpgweek 4 and 5 were very challenging weeks for stowelink during the may measurement month. during this weeks the weather wasn’t so great in fact twice we were disrupted due to constant rains and weather changes.

IMG_20190609_123358_5.jpgLAST SCREENING

however at stowelink we are a people who just cant be stopped so besides the rainy days or the cold weather we continues screening and sure enough people came. in fact it came as a surprise that some of the days that we screened people were during these rainy weather.

IMG_20190609_131408_6.jpgAt Kenyatta university when we conducted the 3 day screening, we reached a lot of people across the age groups with the administration supporting the movement. During our screening one peculiar thing that occurred was that we met Baba Njeri, a casual worker at kenyatta university who really gave us the energy to move on. he was part of the people we screened last year during our Pima Pressure event at Kenyatta university. he was hypertensive then ,however in the span of a year he had changed his diet,subscribed to the gym and had a better blood pressure below the red line.he was happy,contented and he really thanked the team for conducting amazing training and screening last year.

its such experiences that keep us moving,that keep us pushing towards greatness.


Let’s inspire

Lets change lives

Let’s save lives


REMEMBER-if you want to support Stowelink Inc and our various projects, if you want

collaborations with us or if you want to reach us you can reach us directly through the following contact addresses.

PHONE NUMBER+254714671748


Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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