IMG-20190811-WA0152.jpgStowelink founder and CEO Ogweno Stephen published is first book the drug free youth. This book is a first in a series of books set to be published under a theme of making health interesting for the youth!.at Stowelink we have always focused on the youth and how we make health education and primary healthcare particularly interesting for the youth, this book is a proof that health could in fact be very interesting if innovative approaches are used to pass down relevant messages on health!

Health has often been seen as a complex topic especially the youth and this has led to the youth having less and less interest in health. This comes despite the fact that the healthcare field has some of the most intelligent brains on the planet. it’s with this background that a young company in Kenya, East Africa called Stowelink designed a way to make health interesting especially among the youth, and this was through the use of ART 4 HEALTH.


The Drug Free Youth Poetry collection brings on board some of the most read poems composed by some of the most brilliant young people across the country. the poems come following a Stowelink project dubbed THE DRUG FREE YOUTH which was an awareness campaign which reached 230,000 youths with relevant messages on drug abuse and its effects to these youth’s health and livelihoods. We were able to reach these young people through a poetry contest which attracted over 150,000 reads reaching out directly to over 90,000 young people.


this book contains some of the most read pieces which were written in English with one special piece written in Swahili. we hope you will enjoy the mystery ride this book offers in a series of poems connecting into one big mystery which requires you to find a solution to!PSX_20190802_204520.jpg

Lets change lives

Let’s save lives


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Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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