It is about to get Smokin’

The world of NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases) is a very confusing world and that is what we at Stowelink are looking to demystify. We have been part of and as far hosted many many events and awareness campaigns to tune of effecting this very thought process.

Now this is the beauty of it all; WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!

Our very able team has been up and about ensuring that we spread the gospel of NCDs and and related topics to the farthest and the most marginalized as concerns information; this being the very young, the old and the uneducated.

Another beautiful thing is that the team is growing. A vibrant group of young energetic and passionate people, myself included, is at the helm and in the pipeline of this organization, ensuring that our agenda, which is, to the innermost, an agenda that is shared by every lucid human being, is met and even surpassed.

Our undeniably able founder and CEO has a book out, for which a book tour has been underway for the past month and a half. The book dubbed “THE DRUG FREE YOUTH” is an expose into the fast and troubling growth of the world of drugs in our society. It is a collection of young African voices, expressed in art, standing together in protest, against the unforgiving effects of drug abuse and misuse, especially by the youth.

As I conclude, I would like to finish by saying that, you really cannot miss to be a part of this great initiative. Any idea, small and mundane as it probably seems, could go a long way in fueling the fires of this great movement. I will leave you with my favorite quote, “We did not inherit this land from our forefathers, we are holding it in trust for the generation that is to come”

Tell me you wouldn’t want to be a positive part of your children’s bright future!

Go ye out and be productive.

God bless.

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