Last year a time like this we were represented by our CEO represented eastern and central Africa  in the World Obesity Patient Summit by

World Obesity Federation where we also launched a programme THE PROGRAMME slimFIT! its not about being slim it’s about being FIT!


Project Slim Fit has so far conducted 12 activities in the one year leading to today, preventing obesity through a focus on diet and physical activity in young people we strongly believe that obesity should be recognized as a disease, it’s more than a risk factor to NCDS.This recognition will allow people to start treating obesity seriously while also reducing the stigma around it! Project SlimFit

We believe that Fixing obesity is going to require a change in our modern relationship with food! More than that with exercise! We hope though our project we will reach out to more young people! The number of young people developing obesity has tripled since 2000 and this can be traced largely due to lack of exercise and poor Diets and through project slim fit we are aiming at reducing this gap through creative exercise and team building sessions and through sharing and educating on dieting.


Lets change lives

Let’s save lives


REMEMBER-if you want to support Stowelink Inc and our various projects, if you want collaborations with us or if you want to reach us you can reach us directly through the following contact addresses.

PHONE NUMBER+254714671748

email :

Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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