The KWISTI KUKACHORA CLUB participated in the NCDS YOUTH CHAMPIONS organizing a medical camp and health talk on NCDs. here is a brief report of this event which happened on 25 TH OCTOBER 2019.


The day started with pitching of the tent for Nairobi Women Hospital. We then arranged the rooms to be used for various tests. We had 4 stations for the checkup. One was the tent where services that included dental services, BMI and blood pressure. The second was a room where BMI, blood sugar and blood pressure was being tested from. Breast cancer check-up was being done in the last 2 rooms. The services done that day had reduced from the services stated earlier due to various hospitals turning down the request.

We as a club had lost hope on the students turn up since some were classes were ongoing and others were out of the school for an activity. The check started early and people turned up. The staff’s turn-up was unexpected. The photos and probably some videos shall be attached.

In total, the number of the people that turned up and were done the medical check-ups was 246. This was way much what we expected as explained earlier. The objectives and the goals of our event were met and achieved. We created awareness on NCDs and their prevention methods and also how one can go about them incase diagnosed with any as our need for the event was. Our mission statement being aiming to have a healthier society free of NCDs was achieved as the Kwsti community and family became aware of it.


A lot of things made the day a success. One was that we did not use a lot of funding on the event. The resources used were minimized as our partners came with their equipment which they used in carrying out the activities. Again the school was supportive and helped in printing the various documents that we needed as a club for registration on the various desks. They again provided lunch and water for all the volunteers’ .i.e. the staff. All thanks The Almighty God as it didn’t rain as we thought it would. Our partners responded and helped in carrying out the event. Our volunteers too did more than expected.


Lets change lives

Let’s save lives


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