Engagement of the county government.

We have been able to make notable in routes with the county government of Vihiga and we are working with them to ensure they are part and parcel of the project. Currently we have engaged the county public health officer and the NCDS coordinator for the county. To this end we have also developed a MOU with the county which is awaiting approval which was delayed due to the shift of attention to addressing the current COVID 19 crisis.



Working with people living with NCDS.

Stowelink has also been able to actively engage with the people living with NCDS from Vihiga county. Stowelink is working directly with 3 groups of people living with NCDS including the Vihiga Stroke Association Group, the Rehema and Busali groups of people living with disabilities. These three groups contain membership of people living with stroke, people living with diabetes, hypertension and other NCDS. we have met with these groups and started an educational programme that will continue actively as soon as the COVID 19 crisis fades off.


Working with young people.

We as young people are also working with other young people from the Vihiga county. We recognize that young people could be very strong ambassadors for creation of awareness, education and taking care of the NCDS community. To this end we are currently also working actively with the Chavogere Youth Group and Mulundu Youth Group both which are registered community based organizations. We are living no one behind and especially when it comes to non-communicable diseases. Data has showed that there is a very strong benefit that comes with the integrated approach. The projects activities are set to continue actively after the COVID 19 crisis has passed.



Let’s save lives


REMEMBER-if you want to support Stowelink Inc and our various projects, if you want collaborations with us or if you want to reach us you can reach us directly through the following contact addresses.

PHONE NUMBER+254714671748

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Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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