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On the second of May Stowelink hosted its global partners on an online meeting to discuss the current progress of the NCDs 365. The meeting which had Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia represented had very in-depth feedback of the impact the project has had across these countries.

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From Ethiopia represented by Ephrem Bekele of Erq Maed, through the project they have been able to reach to their audiences with critical messages on mental health. They also are currently translating the content to Amharic to get to the wider Ethiopian audience. From Nigeria represented by Simbiat of Sob Nutrition and Musa Olatunji of More Global Foundation both mentioned that through the project they have learnt a lot and also that they have referred a lot of interested patients to hospitals and practitioners.

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Content that attracted most interest was content on cancers and cardiovascular diseases and through these organizations they have been able to enroll more local partners to work with them in educating communities. Tanzania had also had tremendous traction and uptake of the projects content with the CEO of more global Tanzania Mr. Olatunji also sharing input on how the NCDs education and advocacy has improved in Tanzania courtesy of the project. From Kenya off course Stowelink represented the various organizations that we are partnering with in Kenya to share the impact of the work that we have been able to do courtesy of the project and also the impact we have had including the development of the NCDs and COVID 19 pamphlet for the COVID 19 community.

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We continue to impact lives through meaningful partnerships and through meaningful engagement across different countries across different continents with the sole aim of transforming and empowering lives .

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Lets change lives

Let’s save lives


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