In a thought provoking article done by Collins Ongola and Ogweno Stephen, Stowelink discusses what the future of public health looks like. Here is an introduction to the article:

 The Future of Public Health.

Digitization, automation and innovation defines the path of the future of public health. From when John Snow first investigated a cholera outbreak in London 1854 to the current Coronavirus pandemic, public health has drastically evolved. Even before John Snow, people practiced public health, from way back. It’s interesting how ancient religious texts like the Bible and Koran have very strong perspectives on public health, in the Bible for instance Leviticus chapter 15 gives us very strong public health recommendations similar to those of modern day with themes like Wound, skin and discharge precautions, Waste disposal and even isolation featuring strongly in the bible. Handwashing is being emphasized more and more in hospitals now in order to prevent the spread of germs. In fact, hand washing is so important – it has been ordered in Quran (5:7) 1400 years ago. And for complete cleanliness bathing is advised (4:43). Therefore, it is very accurate to state that public health is as old as humanity itself and has always played a very critical role in ensuring the survival of humanity from generation to generation.

 Looking retrospectively, the bubonic plague and the Black Death are some of the major public health events that shaped the modern policies in public health leading governments to design contingency measures to deal with the outbreaks. During these plagues, measures like quarantines, lockdowns, and Isolations were adapted and greatly used. John Snow is credited with professionalizing epidemiology by carrying out a structured investigation on disease outbreaks and since his time, public health has taken major strides and advancements evolving from unstructured disease prevention mechanisms to organized disease investigation and today to scientific research and surveillance. As a current public health professional, it is perhaps important to wonder what the future holds for you. How the face of this vast profession will look like in the near and even the far future. We will take a short drive into this subject by highlighting the current changes occurring around public health and what they hold for the future.


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