Stowelink was represented at the Kenyatta University TV. One of our own was able to share insightful information men’s health month. He noted that cultural and patriarchal norms continually impact the chauvinistic character of men with regards to their health. Since men have a low health seeking behavior, creating awareness on the matter is vital.

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and now is the perfect time to encourage the men in our lives to take care of themselves. The month of June is Men’s Health Month and all boys and men are urged to stay healthy by eating right, exercising and seeking regular medical checkups to prevent disease and injury so they may live long and healthy lives. Men’s health is not just a ‘man’s issue’, it’s a family issue. Men’s health can impact everyone around them: wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters, etc.

There is overwhelming evidence across the world suggesting that men are less likely than women to seek help from health professionals for problems as diverse as depression, substance abuse, physical disabilities and stressful life events. Previous research has revealed that the principal health related issue facing men is their reluctance to seek access to health services. Otherwise put, men have poor health seeking behavior.

In an attempt to unravel this hot topic, Mr. Oduor, was able to talk about men’s health and offer advice on how men can embrace positive health seeking behaviour. The interview, which was lined with several questions around men’s health, lasted for about 30 minutes. He talked deeply about embracing positive health seeking behavior by men which is one of the public health concerns today. Men, generally die earlier than their female counterparts and this is partly blamed on their reluctance to seek medical help when their health is at stake. We should encourage all men young or old to protect their health as everyone’s health is critical.

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