Stowelink is over the moon with the good news that hit us a few weeks ago. We have managed to produce another One Young World ambassador. This speaks to the caliber of the leaders we have here at Stowelink who are driven, passionate and committed to making transformative difference in the world. Our first ambassador was Ogweno Stephen the CEO of Stowelink and now our second ambassador is Oduor Kevin our CPO.

Ogweno at OYW

One Young World is the global forum for young leaders. A Global Leadership Summit bringing together the brightest talent from every country and sector debate and devise innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing issues is convened every year. The delegates are counselled by influential business, political, and humanitarian leaders such as Paul Polman, Justin Trudeau, Terry Crews and Professor Muhammad Yunus, amongst many other global luminaries. One Young World offers an unrivalled platform to effect change at a global level, with 13,000+ Ambassadors in the network, driving innovation worldwide. Each year the One Young World community sets the agenda, ensuring that topics are relevant, pressing and engaging. Delegates attend the annual Summit and leave as One Young World Ambassadors. The delegates are selected from partner organizations, attend independently, or are selected through scholarships. Ambassadors return from the Summit with the means and motivation to make a difference in their communities and organizations. Using the inspiration from the Summit, Ambassadors then have access to the power of the 13,000+ global network of young leaders to accelerate existing initiatives or establish new ventures.

Oduor in action

In his own words here is what Oduor Kevin had to say about this news:

“If there is any good thing that has happened to me in the year 2022, then it’s ONE YOUNG WORLD scholarship. Having been an ardent admirer of the program over the years, I must confess that this is a dream come true for me. Honestly, I cannot hide my joy having been selected for this prestigious leadership summit. I first applied for ONE YOUNG WORLD in 2019 and didn’t make it to the interview stage. I did not lose hope. I again applied in 2020, this time selected as finalist. In 2021 September, when OYW opened applications, I again threw myself into the ring. When I received the Congratulation Message, I couldn’t hold my tears of joy. THIS WAS A DREAM COME TRUE! With scholarship confirmed, I can’t wait for September 5-8 to attend the summit in Manchester UK and be immersed in a pool of global though leaders. My fingers are crossed. I am confident everything will go as planned and I will attend this summit. Thank you so much AstraZeneca for the sponsorship. I owe you one!”

Lets change lives

Let’s save lives


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PHONE NUMBER+254714671748

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a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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