Our commitment to excellence in the NCDs space comes with our personal experiences as young people who have lived with these diseases and acted as caregivers to those living with NCDs. In the recent turn of events, Stowelink has been able to produce a second NCD diarist, Mr Oduor Kevin our CPO who is also a caregiver to the his brother living with epilepsy. This selection is a testament to continued stellar insight, passion and experience we bring into the space. Our first NCD Diarist was our CEO Ogweno Stephen who lives with multiple NCDs.

The Global NCD Alliance is implementing the NCD Diaries project as part of the Our View, Our Voices Initiative. Recognizing that people living with chronic diseases (Non-Communicable Diseases) are not just recipient of services but also co-creators of solutions, the NCD Alliance is giving them an opportunity to be heard and most importantly, be meaningfully involved in NCDs advocacy.

Oduor Kevin in a recent interview

The NCD Diaries project supports individuals to share their lived experiences of NCDs, drawing on their unique local contexts, challenges faced and their aspirations and recommendations to drive change on NCDs. NCDA supports individuals in contextualizing their lived experiences of NCDs while reflecting on the key pillars of the Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs. Diarists are also be encouraged to crystallize and put forward their calls for action on NCDs through the narrative of their NCD Diaries.

Here is what Oduor had to say following his selection as a diarist.

“I am particularly proud to have been selected to participate in this innovative project that seeks to improve the health outcomes of the PLWNCDs. As a caregiver of my epileptic brother, I am bringing to the project a rich experience on how to support epileptic patients. In my capacity as the Chief Program Officer at Stowelink, I will be able to contribute to conversations around how healthcare providers can support NCD patients in their treatment cascade. As a lived experience advocate, I will have the opportunity to shed light on the foundational relationship between people living with NCDs and their healthcare providers. The relationship between people living with NCDs and their health providers is a key component of NCD care delivery.”

Lets change lives

Let’s save lives


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a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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