Stowelink partnered with the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and technology in a medical camp aimed at creating awareness about diseases and promoting good health and wellbeing. Stowelink was one of the partners for JKUAT Health drive which saw incredible number of students receive a wide array of medical checkup. Some of the medical servicesContinue reading “STOWELINK PARTNERS WITH JOMO KENYATTA UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY AND OTHERS FOR A HEALTH DRIVE”

info4food – beating NCDS through Nutrition

Stowelink for the next seven months will be venturing on a new social enterprise dubbed info4food which is an award winning social enterprise which focuses on provision of better nutrition though food preservation and  alternative crop growing. at Stowelink we continue to remain focused on our primary goal which is on alleviating NCDS through handingContinue reading “info4food – beating NCDS through Nutrition”


The world cancer month is always as important month for Stowelink because its when our first project officially kicked off 3 years ago. This year we celebrated the world cancer day and when world cancer month in a special way. We had a panel discussion which was recorded live and will be uploaded to YouTubeContinue reading “WORLD CANCER MONTH CELEBRATIONS (FEBRUARY)”

Training in United Kingdom Windsor at the world obesity patient summit

Stowelink was actively engaged in the training at the Cumberland lodge which saw us discuss a lot of things about obesity. One of the key things that came out very strongly was that obesity is a disease and should be recognized as one. Obesity has from time immemorial being considered as just a condition asContinue reading “Training in United Kingdom Windsor at the world obesity patient summit”

Planning of the World Stroke Day. 20/9/2018

The world stroke day is an annual celebration where we get to celebrate and share messages on the stroke. The theme for this year’s world stroke day is life after stroke. Stroke being a cardiovascular disease falls in line with our project MyHeart ke on cardiovascular health and wellbeing. Stowelink has been actively involved inContinue reading “Planning of the World Stroke Day. 20/9/2018”

Stowelink attends and presents at the Universal Health Care Conference in Nyeri (part 1) 13/9/2018

Stowelink was privileged to be invited to participate and make a presentation at the Universal Health Care Coverage Conference in Nyeri County. Universal Health Care forms the big 4 agenda where the government is focusing on in the next 5 years. We were privileged o represent youth voices and talk about youth and non-communicable diseasesContinue reading “Stowelink attends and presents at the Universal Health Care Conference in Nyeri (part 1) 13/9/2018”

Cardiovascular diseases and tobacco use WHATS THE LINK??

Cigarette smoking is the most important preventable cause of premature death . It accounts for more than 440,000 of the more than 2.4 million annual deaths. Cigarette smokers have a higher risk of developing several chronic disorders. These include fatty buildups in arteries, several types of cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (lung problems). AtherosclerosisContinue reading “Cardiovascular diseases and tobacco use WHATS THE LINK??”


Stowelink members were privileged to attend the open day held at German school Kenya. The open day was a day where various people mostly parents came to see how and what students and the school had done in school. As Stowelink we went to the open day to benchmark for how we would conduct ourContinue reading “STOWELINK AT GERMAN SCHOOL OPEN DAY”


We recently conducted a community diagnosis at Kibera Sub County where we visited a few villages in kibera led by Community Health Worker Adoyo Peter Of Kibera Sub County. The data collected at the activity was based on 5 key areas which are risk behaviors responsible for putting teenagers later in life at high riskContinue reading “STOWELINK CONDUCTS COMMUNITY DIAGNOSIS IN KIBERA.”