project alpha (shoot 1) #change4cancer[part 2] THE WORLD CANCER DAY 4.2.2017

dsc_4539It so happens that also this blog coincided with the world cancer day where we also participated in was a fun filled and a fulfilling day especially because people turned up in numbers to know more about thing you can be sure of is that on that day definitely we touched lives. a full post of this day will be coming up in a few days meanhile back to our shoot…dsc_4589photogrid_1486204364240

Damn ,there was was a lot of sauce that came about during this first epic shoot.well the people who attend were so beautiful …so beautiful so that when they explain to you about prostate cancer you would definitely agree with them and use the information wisely.i couldn’t appreciate more the models and the personalities who attended the photo shoot.

what you could see in them any day any time and especially on this day was the fact that they had self confidence, they were courageous and they were so eager to learn new things.these characteristics especially if found in youths the you will agree with me that THEY CAN AND WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.

bellow are just a few photos of the campaigns we had on prostate cancer.



Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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