project alpha(shoot 1) #change4cancer [part 2] THE FUTURE GENERATION.

during the shoot we had an amazing time to interact with children and high school students.well its important that we strive to develop the upcoming generations by empowering them with knowledge skills and the inspiration they need.img-20170203-wa0038

we talked to students from 3 high schools about cancer in general but we also inspired them through our lives stories of the little successes we have had in life.from the reaction  of the teachers and the students that came to us we knew that definitely we had impacted positively and in a huge way in these students lives.img-20170202-wa0051img-20170203-wa0039

I always believe its our responsibility to be that someone you wish you had when you were young.To be that role model and that inspirational person that young people can look up to.well, we will continue taking about cancer until that time we have zero incidence cases of cancer and especially prostate cancer.we will change the world,one person at a time.img-20170201-wa0016

Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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