myHeart_Ke KISUMU COUNTY TOUR:( Stowelink In Collaboration With Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Referal Hospital And The Kisumu County Hospital) Visit NYAMASARIA SECONDARY SCHOOL.

img_20170630_172600_072.jpgpart of the team we went with to this visit.

We intended to launch our project officially at Kenya Medical Training College- Kisumu Campus two weeks ago but seemingly that didn’t go through due to unavoidable administrative complexities that our host institution was facing at the moment. Still we managed to get members of the school work with us through out our Kisumu Tour.

img_20170630_163614_910.jpgFelix in action

Nevertheless we went ahead to start out our visit in Kisumu County with nothing but the will to make this positive change in the society. Our first visit was at Nyamasaria Secondary School. The visit was a massive success.

img_20170630_165727_214.jpgPascal in action

We had a two hour period filled with a lot of activities towards ensuring we took the message home. The first hour we talked to the boys and the girls separately, handling issues of hygiene, boy health and girl health, we also talked on the specific nutrition and exercise routines specifically directed to males and females on their general health and more specifically on cardiovascular health.

In the next hour we combined the two teams and talked further on cardiovascular health in general discussing the diseases in details, their causes their treatment and more importantly their prevention and adopting the best lifestyle habits.

img_20170630_164230_574.jpgactive student participation

In this session we received a lot of questions from the active students and answered those to their satisfaction. I’d like to state that we had a very interactive session with these students and at the end we could feel that we already had made a change. We even got volunteers and ambassadors for health in this school that would ensure that in the end the message stuck with the student and that they will not only keep it to themselves but share it with everyone they met.

img_20170630_165633_629.jpgStowel in action

This was one of the best visits we have heard yet and it was a great way to start up the tour.

img_20170629_170039.jpgIsaiah from Kisumu County hospital in action

Next we will be visiting Kasagam High School where we intend to do even better.
Some people usually ask why burden yourself with these notion of using all your funds towards helping other people and making the world a better place. Well I give not because I have a lot to donate but I give help and share because I know how it feels like to have nothing. And also because one of my best friends Brian Oyugi helped me at a critical period in my life when I had nothing at all, but well that’s a story for another day.

Here are a few more pictures from the event



img_20170630_165355_008.jpgkeen and attentive students



Let’s inspire
Let’s change lives
Let’s save lives
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