OUTREACH AT NYAMASARIA SECONDARY SCHOOL – P3 ( Friendship formation and maintenance)


Third phase: Friendship formation and maintenance.

This phase of presentation was facilitated by Miss Gloria and Mr. Victor.

The relevance of this topic was just to equip the students with the knowledge, skills and ideas on how to identify, form and maintain friends who are of positive value to their lives and those friends who can help them grow academically in school. There are three factors to consider when forming friendships. These factors include;

  • place
  • Personality/traits.



One should always have a purpose for making friends. Before you choose someone to be your friend, ask yourself, of what reason do I need this friend? Is it for academic purposes? Is it sports reasons? Is it for financial support? There should always be a reason or purpose for forming a friendship tie. If one forms a friendship tie for a wrong purpose, he/she will end up getting messed. The friendship will land him/her into problems, spoil the morals or trigger poor performance at school or work.


Before one chooses a friend, he/she should consider the environment or place at stake. For example, if you are at school, you should choose a friend who will help you meet your academic objectives which is excelling. If you are at work, you should consider a friend who will help you perform well and give good results at work. Take a look at this case, if one is performing poorly at school then he chooses to hang out with someone who is a truant at school. There are high chances that he will also be a truant and will continue failing terribly unlike if he chose someone who is focused on academic work.



Personality or character traits of an individual is a key factor to consider when choosing friends. One should not choose an individual of bad influence as a friend. One should not choose an individual who has unacceptable morals in the society. Instead, one should associate him/herself with someone who will help him achieve his goals in life or change his ways positively.

As much as there are factors to be considered when forming friendship ties, there are some factors which should not be considered at all in friendship formation. These factors include;

  • Gender
  • Social class/ financial background.
  • Area of residence e.g. urban or rural.
  • Age
  • Educational level.
  • Religious background.
  • Political background.

After forming friendship ties with the right persons, one needs to maintain that tie for as long as possible. For the friendship to be maintained, there are certain things that needs to be done. These things are referred to as maintenance factors/attributes. They include the following;

  • One needs to uphold honesty in the friendship.
  • One needs to be loyal.
  • One should always be there in times of need.
  • One should be kind to his friend.
  • One needs to accept correction.


On behalf of Kisumu Peace Makers and Stowelink, I give great thanks to Nyamasaria Secondary School fraternity starting from the Principal for allowing us into the school, the Guidance and counselling department for ensuring the outreach event was successful and the entire student body for giving us a humble time and listening hears ready to learn…Thank you so much Nyamasaria Secondary School.


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