PSX_20190206_211635.jpgStowelink visited the Pedro Educational Center as the first school in which the project the drug free youth was launched. The project came with a lot of energy and psyche and the morale to implement the project.  Pedro educational center is a center for excellence right in the heart of Githurai slums . the students at the school are  the best of the best from the area and as a result we felt privileged launching the project from this school.

The Stowelink team received a warm invitation from the school members after which we were led to taking to the students on the drug free youth. as early alluded to the talks took a completely new approach creating awareness and facilitating learning on the drugs and its relation to non-communicable effects and more than that, its effect on the school going children. We used focus group discussions, group tasks and presentations and finally used a talk to send the message home.

We were more than impressed with the progress these children had at the end of the study and we are looking forward to developing a Kreative hub club to ensure we take the message home in term s of the drug and substance abuse. Join us as we visit the next few schools. Updates of this can be found on our twitter handles.


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a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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