Stowelink hosted the national universities non communicable diseases debate in Kenyatta university and here is a brief of what happened.

Theme: The Burden of Non communicable diseases in Kenya Today.

Being a pilot forum for many others to come in the future, we’re pleased to say that it was a success.

Total turn up was 44 out of the expected 70. Out of which 12 were debaters.

Adjudication team consisted of:

  • Miss Minneh Kimunya
  • Wyclife Otieno
  • Joab Wako


Panelist Included


  • Joab Wako – guest of honour
  • Miss Noel Muheshi
  • Miss Minneh Kimunya
  • Bill Clinton
  • Ian Abila ( Moderator)

The debaters engaged intellectually and broadly on two key motions.

  1. This house regrets the portrayal of mental illness as a disaster.
  2. This house regrets the focus of using curative measures by the government to curb Non communicable diseases.

Certain issues like prevention is better than cure were brought to the table by the participants.


Further public speakers present in the forum tackled on various topic relating to the theme. This factors included issues like:

  1. a) Financing of Non communicable diseases
  2. b) Reduction of Non communicable diseases tips. (low cholesterol, regularly exercising etc.)

After public speaking the audience were engaged in a panel discussion.

Various key points were addressed during the discussion. This included:

  1. Does disruptive technology among the youths help them tackle the burden of Non communicable diseases? This was well elaborated by Noel a panelist representing the Kreative Hub. Its was further deliberated on by Mr. Joab Wako of Transplant Education Kenya.
  2. Who is to be blamed? Is it the government or the youths? It was brought to a consensus that both parties are to be blamed.
  3. Is there a political goodwill in trying to reduce the burden of Non communicable diseases in Kenya? Participants agreed that there’s a political goodwill but it’s not sufficient enough. Hence more should be done.
  4. Is UHC the solution to help curb the burden of Non communicable diseases in Kenya? It was agreed that the aim of reducing out of pocket payment is actually going to reduce the financial burden of Non communicable diseases drastically.


After the panel discussion. The guest of honor Mr. Joab Wako. Elaborated further on the participatory role of the Youths in helping reduce the burden of Non communicable diseases.

Therefore, from the organization team. We are grateful for all participants who should up. And to the adjudication team for their fair judgement.

Further special gratitude to Mr. Joab Wako for agreeing to join us for this historic event.

Therefore, being the first health debate focusing on majorly Non communicable diseases, we are hoping of scaling to greater heights next time.



Lets change lives

Let’s save lives


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