Oduor Kevin bags the Employee of the Year Award 2019

PSX_20200313_165721.jpgEmployee of the year award is an annual award conferred to the most committed and dedicated staff. The award comes with a prestigious certificate which is a true testimony of the achievement made by Staff at Stowelink. The nomination and selection process is rigorous and is steered by the board of directors. The board considers various parameters before deciding to award it. As such whomever receives the award truly deserves it.



Stowelink is glad to honor Chief Programs Officer Mr. Oduor Kevin for his relentless contribution in the year 2019. As a committed and dedicated executive, Mr. Oduor Kevin deserves this award for laying his life for the company’s success.  Everyone wants success, but it only follows those who make a true approach to get it. Hard work and dedication have a destination which is success.  There’s no one who has worked as hard as the Chief Programs Officer in the last year.


Mr. Oduor Kevin will remain the custodian of the golden trophy conferred to the winner of this award until round of award. As a company, we share in the general belief that winning this award presents Mr. Oduor Kevin as a true leader with enthusiasm and truly inspiring traits. We believe this award will inspire our Chief Programs officer to work even harder to achieve more in life. In unison, we say “Well done Mr. Oduor Kevin. You are destined to make it big; you just didn’t know it. This recognition is surely deserved and will give you an opportunity to spread your wings.”



Let’s save lives


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email : stowelink@gmail.com

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