Stowelink in partnership with the Kreative hub leadership conducted a masterclass for The Rotary Club at Kenyatta university where the discussion majorly focused on demystifying the myths around employment and entrepreneurship. The fully packed training went for two and half hours. We recognize the importance of employment and entrepreneurship and through this masterclass we are able to pass on important information on this controversial topic.

Entrepreneurship is a critical factor in advancing human development. Creating and sustaining businesses increases job opportunities and household income. Deciding on a career path can be one of the most important choices you make in your life. A career that you are not only successful in, but also enjoy doing will affect all aspects of your life in a positive way. But do we explore all the options before making a decision?


One question that may get ignored by many people looking to start a new career, or simply entering the job market for the first time, is whether or not they want to be an entrepreneur or an employee. In fact, most people struggle with the difference between the two because they only saw employment as the choice that was available for them. We are often encouraged to find a great job, and many of us don’t think about creating our own employment by becoming a business owner. Knowing the difference between employment and business mindset is crucial to understanding which option would work better for you as an individual, and how being an employee or a business owner can suit your own personality and goals.


The technical definition of an entrepreneur is someone who “undertakes an enterprise.” An entrepreneur is someone who starts a new organization – a business, or takes on an existing organization with the intent to revitalize it. Entrepreneurship most commonly manifests in the form of self-employment. For those who are driven, who want to take on a challenge, want more control of their time and money, and thrive in the excitement of building their own future, taking the entrepreneurial path may be the best choice.PSX_20200401_210817.jpg

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