NCDS 365 is a multinational project that has recognized the urgent and pressing need to address non-communicable diseases by sharing daily messages in a bid to create awareness while dispelling myths and misconception around the NCDs. The project leverages social media and the huge mobile penetration to share these messages. These messages, sourced from reputable organizations such as NCD Alliance, World Health organization among others are posted on Stowelink (host) and partners social media sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Website. In order to track the reach, the social media analytics are collated every month across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The stats inform on the projects impact in improving awareness and enabling people to influence their health outcomes.


NCDS 365 project is organized in themes posted monthly. The thematic focus covers the entirely family of Non- Communicable Diseases. While the major focus in NCDs, the project also sensitizes on the link between NCDS and Communicable Diseases. For example, in the month of April, the project focused on the demystifying NCDS in relations to COVID-19 which is a current pandemic. The project is also alive to the international events and calendar days. In this regard, the monthly content is developed with conformity to the international health events and celebration. For example, in my, the project was so much focused on hypertension since because of the May Measurement Month. In summary, the thematic focuses were distributed as follows:


  • January- Introduction to NCDS. Learning the basics
  • February- Cancer, coinciding with the World Cancer Day Celebration
  • March- Drugs and Substance Abuse and NCDS
  • April- NCDS and COVID-19. Educating on the link between NCDs and COVID
  • MAY- Cardiovascular Diseases in line with May is May Measurement Month.
  • June- Diabetes and exploring its link to COVID 19
  • July- Mental Health with focus on the depression, anxiety among people.

Read the full report by clicking on the link below:

NCDs 365 Mid Year 2020 Report

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