Official name: Mustafa Khan Abdurahman
Stage name: Khan the Sogie
Country: Uganda
Occupation: Student

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There is this thing that I fear:
Onto my mind it comes peeping
Unnoticed, it comes creeping,
When I hear it call,
I feel empty and the need to fill up;
But I know this in not how to eat up.

I lend my mind some football,
Crack some jokes to keep it gone,
But it won’t let me clear up,
It just won’t give up; it
Casts her shirtless nature onto my screen,
Not one not two
Not just to ponder but look through
And have her by my thumb and fingers
into my palm.

Often, I get caught up!
With the curtain down,
Under blankets and sheets;
I massage to beat need;
Not so long until I freeze
To give off water;
Then I am in regret and torture_
‘I’ve been captured again
By this thing that I fear!’

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