Stowelink carried on with the dissemination of animated messages on Non Communicable Diseases in February. As usual, the messages were shared on a weekly basis. Sharing of important knowledge on Non communicable diseases is and will always be crucial in preventing and management of the diseases. As Stowelink, it is our primary ethos to continue with a lot of tenacity to spread much needed information on NCDs.

In the first week of February which marked week five of the NCD 365 Phase Two, information on what cancer is was shared. Cancer is the disease that causes abnormal cells to divide uncontrollably and that destroys body tissue. It can affect any part of the body. It was noted that cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world. Due to improvement in cancer screening and treatment, survival rates of cancer patients have increased.

The signs and symptoms of Cancer were discussed in Week 6 of the NCDs 365 Phase Two. The signs and symptoms shared include the following: lump or thickening felt under the skin, skin changes such as yellowing, darkening, redness of the skin and sores that will not heal, unexplained bleeding or bruising, weight changes including unintended loss or gain of weight and persistent or unexplained muscle or joint pain. Any person with the signs above is advised to visit the nearest health facility.

In week seven, risk factors of developing cancer were discussed. One of the factors included, age. Older adults aged 65 and above are commonly diagnosed with cancer because it can take decades to develop. However, it may develop in an individual of any given age. The second risk factor is lifestyle choices. Certain habits such as smoking, excessive exposure to the sun, being obese and having unsafe sex. Family history is the next risk factor which may lead to developing cancer. Although a small portion of cancer is due to an inherited condition, having a gene mutation doesn’t necessary mean that one might develop cancer. The last factor is one’s environment as exposure to harmful chemicals such exposure to second hand smoke may increase the risk of getting cancer.

In the last week of February, the main aim was prevention of cancer. The eighth week of NCD 365 Phase Two was marked by sharing of beneficial tips in the prevention of cancer. The tips include: stop smoking, eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and scheduling cancer screening examinations once in a while.

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