HRIDAY is organizing the 4th GYM on Health (Virtual) in April, 2021. The proposed theme is “Meaningful Youth Engagement for Leading Action on Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goals”. GYM 2021 will strengthen the capacity of youth leaders, hone their skills to plan, implement, monitor and scale-up integrated campaigns to meet their national NCD targets and accelerate action for SDGs.

On the first day of the conference Stowelink held a side event where we talked about the topic: YOUTHS LEADING THE FIGHT AGAIST NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES. In this topic we went ahead to talk about the various ways in which young people are leading the fight against non-communicable diseases. Youths were identified as creators, innovators, visionaries, and leaders whose contribution to the health care industry has been noticed and recognized widely. In the session we also discussed the various challenges that youths faced while leading this fight. We recognized that the youths needed to continuously improve their knowledge and skills on various health topics to enable them continuously to contribute to improving the health care system.

On the second day, our founder Mr. Ogweno Stephen represented the youths from the who afro region where he read the plans that the youths in the region towards improving the health of the youth in the          region with a focus on mental health. In a session that was attended by the head of the World Health Organization Dr Tedros the youth declaration was read highlighting action points that the young people needed to be fulfilled.

Here are some of the most important lessons from the GYM 2021 conference.

  1. Young people are innovators, creators and implementer’s in the health care system and are contributing to impactful change globally and improving health.
  2. Young people have participated very actively in improving local and global policies that affect health. More support and meaningful of engagement of young people to get to this stage is still very much needed.
  3. The WHO at both country regional and global levels are supporting youth engagement and have actively and intentionally created opportunities where young people can make meaningful contribution and impact. First off is the Global Youth Conference starting 23-25/4/2021
  4. “While the situation is challenging, we do not weaken our resolve to continuously and actively contribute to improving health care.”

Lets change lives

Let’s save lives


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Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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