Non-communicable diseases are now one of the defining challenges of the 21st Century. Despite the fact that most of NCDs are domiciled in high income countries, 80% of deaths from these diseases are reported in in low- and middled- income countries. There is overwhelming evidence especially from high income countries such as Australia, UK and the United States showing that NCDs are an important public health problem in prisons.  In the low- and middle- income countries, anecdotal studies/reports have also shown that prisoners present with at least one of the five major NCDs —Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, Mental Health and Hypertension.  

Keeping in mind the growing demand for NCDs intervention among the vulnerable segment of the population —the prisoners, Stowelink is collaborating with Wazee Pamoja League to address NCDs in prisons. Wazee Pamoja League is a football competition in the Eastlands of Nairobi-Kenya. The league, while aiming at cohesion building and building platform for peace across the cosmopolitan Eastland of Nairobi, is also using sports to promote physical activity both among the young people and the elderly.

To kickstart the partnership, Stowelink (represented by Oduor Kevin- Chief Programs Officer) together with Wazee Pamoja League Chairman Kiarie Mwangi, Tunawiri organization, Geuza Wazo and Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance of Kenya visited industrial Area Maximum Prisons and met with the leadership. The purpose of this initially meeting was to present the idea targeting NCDs in prison through sports and physical activities. The prison leadership welcomed the idea and suggested that another follow-up meeting be convened to discuss the modalities and the implementation matrix for this much needed partnership. The follow-up meetings will be communicated by Kiarie Mwangi who is the Chairman of Wazee Pamoja League and Founder of Fariji.

Lets change lives

Let’s save lives


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