So why is blood pressure screening so important and why are we pushing this agenda so strongly?

Raised blood pressure is the number one cause of preventable death worldwide. We are improving awareness by helping people to get their blood pressure checked every May, completely free, all across the world.

A blood pressure screening is important because high blood pressure usually has no symptoms and cannot be detected without being measured. High blood pressure increases risk of heart disease and stroke. Be screened for blood pressure once every two years, starting at age 20.

High blood pressure can be controlled through lifestyle changes or medication. After age 65, women have a higher risk of high blood pressure than men, and African-American adults of all ages have a higher-than-average risk.

The key to preventing cardiovascular disease is to manage risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high total cholesterol or high blood glucose. Through regular doctor visits, a doctor can screen for the risk factors and help form a plan to manage them.

A doctor might recommend a blood pressure check:

  1. At least every 1 to 2 years if the blood pressure is less than 120/80.
  2. At least every year—or as often as recommended—if you have prehypertension. This means the systolic pressure (the first number) is 120 to 139 and the diastolic pressure (the second number) is 80 to 89.
  3. More often if there are other risk factors of heart disease or evidence of disease caused by high blood pressure.

Let’s change lives

Let’s save lives


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Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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