Stowelink CEO Ogweno Stephen was recently featured in a two-pager article on The Daily Nation Newspaper addressing the conversation on obesity in Kenya and the role that food applications and targeted advertising play. In the news article Ogweno addresses the critical question on the effect of these food apps but more than that he also offers practical suggestions and recommendations to solutions both at a policy level and implementation level to ensure better quality of food and a reduction in obesity attributed to food apps.

Here is a snippet of the article

WHO recommends that people take in unsaturated fats such as those in avocados, nuts of fish compared to saturated fats found in cheese, ghee and all kinds of trans-fat foods like French fries.

Stephen Ogweno, who works with WHO’s Global Coordinating Mechanism for Non-Communicable Diseases and an obesity awareness champion, points out that the proliferation of food apps in the country is worrying because of their ‘aggressive’ marketing, which targets young people.

“People think it is a cool thing to do so they tend to buy food online instead of cooking at home. The food may be cheap because it is being produced in bulk and that means that it has trans-fats, which are the most dangerous components in food,” he says.


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