Stowelink in partnership with the NCD Alliance of Kenya are implementing The CoBenefit Project NCDs and Cimate change. The project aims to reduce the negative impact and vulnerability of Non-communicable Disease among young people. It seeks to build the capacity of young people in under-resourced communities to mitigate the NCDs vulnerability and its impact through healthy diet, physical activities, and climate change education while leveraging technology and innovation.

Recently, Stowelink program team settled for Roysambu Sub County as the project implementation area after wide and deep consultations with the MoH and project sponsors. To ensure that right audience and beneficiaries are reached through this project, Stowelink leveraged the Community Health Workers and Youths leader networks to map and identify youth groups who are the project target. Stowelink is expected to work with 10 youth groups in Roysambu to implement the project. The mapped youth groups are expected to identify 10 members from their respective groups for NCDs and Climate Change training. The following youth groups were mapped from the project catchment area;

  1. Mwihoto Youth group
  2. Salail Axe
  3. Githurai Sports
  4. Young and Old
  5. Turfmoor
  6. Gallaxy
  7. Young Mother
  8. Youth at Heart
  9. Casino Youth
  10. The link

Stowelink program team carried out Youth group leader sensitization and orientation after successful groups mapping. The was done as part of the community entry process to lobby the leaders to support the project throughout its implementation phase. The program team took this opportunity to discuss with the group leaders their roles in the project. Importantly, the group leaders were adequately briefed on the project goals, objectives and expected outcomes. The mapped groups were asked to identify 10 members each for the project training. The eligibility criteria for these exercises are accessibility to smart phone and basic education background. The groups members were also informed that their members will graduate to NCDs youth champions post the NCDs and Climate Change training. Stowelink program team briefed the group leaders about project planned demand creation activities which include use of IEC materials, community NCDs screening, medical camps and use of social medial. The group leaders were asked to coordinate and work closely with the project team, project beneficiaries, community key stakeholders and Ministry of health proper and successful project implementation in their community.


Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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