Stowelink program team is very keen in bringing onboard relevant partners and stakeholders to support The Co-Benefit Project – NCDs Youth and Climate Change. Stakeholders and partners offer essential technical and directional support to community programs implementation. This is also very strategic for sustainability agenda for donor funded projects beyond donor exit. In this regard, Stowelink conveyed half day meeting with representative from Roysambu and other key community stakeholders.

The entourage which was led by the Sub County Public Health Officer, were impressed with the initiative that will enable youths to take lead in the fight against Non-Communicable Change and Climate Change in their community. In attendance were also the group leaders and the area Chief who pledged to support the project by sensitizing other community stakeholders on the project expectation and desire successes.

Stowelink Program team took this opportunity to brief the MoH representative on the project goal, objectives, desired outcomes and what success look like during and after implementation. This was done to enable the MOH representative understand why the project is important especially to the youths of Roysambu sub county. The stakeholders also had an opportunity to go through the toolkits developed for the project and give general feedback on the look and feel of these toolkits. The feedback on this was generally positive and they were looking forward to having the outcomes of these tools being used in the field.

The county agreed to spearhead discussion around project sustainability beyond the pilot phase by identifying key NCDs program implementers in the subcounty to form Technical Working Group. Stowelink team was asked to assist in identifying other partners who will be key in the TWG.


Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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