On 15th February Stowelink was invited to give a skills training at the YOUTH AND SUCCESS ASSOCIATION (YASA) in this training Stowelink CEO and founder together with the coordinator conducted an in-depth training on how to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The training was fun filled with the YASA cohort being one of theContinue reading “STOWELINK MAKES A PRESENTATION AT YASA”

KREATIVE HUB DINNER 16/11/2019 part 3

Finally speeches from Stowelink executive which was the highlight of the day with final remarks of the day given by the founder of Stowelink and the Kreative Hub Mr Ogweno Stephen. The big announcement that followed was good news from Nigeria introducing the Kreative Hub Nigeria which was established at Ibadan University. With this newsContinue reading “KREATIVE HUB DINNER 16/11/2019 part 3”

KREATIVE HUB DINNER 16/11/2019 part 2

Latter on the event led to awards which included awarding of king and queen of the Kreative Hub. These are the most active people during the first cohort who now will be included in the administration to help in the training of the next cohorts besides being the ambassadors of the Kreative Hub. These WereContinue reading “KREATIVE HUB DINNER 16/11/2019 part 2”

KREATIVE HUB DINNER 16/11/2019 part 1

Stowelink in partnership with the Kreative Hub organized end of year dinner where we brought youths and stakeholders together to talk about health entrepreneurship and to look back and reflect on the events of the year. Noel Murunga – chairperson  Kreative Hub is a youth initiative focused on creative entrepreneurship health and personal development developedContinue reading “KREATIVE HUB DINNER 16/11/2019 part 1”

Stowelink partners with the Medical Records Institute to conduct a training at Kenyatta university

Stowelink partnered with medical records institute to bring a training to Kenyatta university on the importance of data management in health care and why that’s very important in ensuring innovation and sustainability in health care. The training which saw 70 participants highlighted majorly on the importance of data collection in supporting evidence-based interventions and projects.Continue reading “Stowelink partners with the Medical Records Institute to conduct a training at Kenyatta university”

World Stroke Day 2018- Training and speeches

World stroke day 2018 saw a lot of speakers conduct trainings briefly on stroke addressing the various aspects of stroke. Some of the most profound topics during stroke day included Stroke And Neurology, Stroke And Cancer, Nutrition And Stroke And Stroke And The Youth. these presentations were focused on coming up with solutions and interventionsContinue reading “World Stroke Day 2018- Training and speeches”

World Stroke Day Free Medical Testing 29/8/2018

At the fore front of activities for the world stroke day was a series of free medical testing activities that saw more than 1000 people get tested. The testing was done by the partners of this event including Stowelink Medical Division, Amref Health ,Mended Hearts, Winnies Pure Health, Diabetes Association Of Kenya among others whoContinue reading “World Stroke Day Free Medical Testing 29/8/2018”

Project fit launched at the World Obesity Patient Summit Cumberland castle UK.14/10/2018

As earlier hinted in the previous post Stowelink launched a new programme at the United Kingdom dubbed project slim FIT, where its not about being slim, its about being this project we intend to use disruptive ways activities and innovations to spread the message on ending weight stigma while also encouraging physical activity andContinue reading “Project fit launched at the World Obesity Patient Summit Cumberland castle UK.14/10/2018”

Stowelink visits United Kingdom for the World Obesity Patients summit 9/10/2018

Stowelink was one of the 20 organizations globally that was chosen to participate at the world obesity federation patient summit in Cumberland lodge in London. We were very privileged to have been selected and as a result our founder Mr. Ogweno Stephen visited London. The journey to London was one amazing journey as it reflectedContinue reading “Stowelink visits United Kingdom for the World Obesity Patients summit 9/10/2018”