1. Effectively deal with peer pressure. The biggest reason teens start using drugs is because their friends utilize peer pressure. No one likes to be left out, and teens (and yes, some adults, too) find themselves doing things they normally wouldn’t do, just to fit in. In these cases, you need to either find a betterContinue reading “THE DRUG FREE YOUTH SCHOOL TOURS:HOW TO AVOID USING DRUGS”


In February this year Stowelink had a strategic partnership with Jamii sports a company dealing with talent and sport development among youths in Kenya. The company has been in the field for some time now and its one of the disrupters in the field using mobile technology as a catalyzer for development and growth inContinue reading “STOWELINK PATNERS WITH JAMII SPORTS”


Youth NCD champions This is a revolutionary project which brings onboard youths who have suffered from non-communicable diseases and have survived or are still undergoing treatment. The project aims at raising awareness or non-communicable diseases using victims and survivors of the disease. The aim is to change the perspective of non-communicable diseases, because it isContinue reading “2019: NEW PROJECTS ,MORE IMPACT- p2”


Moving into 2019 Stowelink will be undertaking new projects aimed at reaching new audiences with new rebranded messages tackling different aspects of non-communicable diseases. These projects are designed to ensure sustainability, to ensure community involvement and to ensure innovation and disruption around the healthcare field with one aim to transform and empower lives. These projectsContinue reading “2019: NEW PROJECTS ,MORE IMPACT- p1”


Stowelink is privileged to announce that in 2019 we are going to conduct a very big intensive programme called the youth NCDS champions where we are going to highlight youth survivor stories on NCDSs, conduct a school health programme on NCDSs and launch a new technological product which will revolutionize the field of non-communicable diseases.Continue reading “YOUTH NCDS CHAMPIONS”


Stowelink was privileged to attend the NCDS media breakfast organized by the non-communicable diseases alliance of Kenya. During the media breakfast we cumulatively got the message on non-communicable diseases out in the media creating and raising awareness on non-communicable diseases. Stowelink was represented by Ogweno Stephen and Harison Ayallo who were also representing the youthContinue reading “STOWELINK ATTENDS NCDS MEDIA BREAKFAST 20/11/2018”

Stowelink featured on national newspaper – The Peoples Daily

In 2018 Stowelink received their second feature on the dailies in the People’s Daily. This time round we were taking of sustainable development goals and innovation around SDGS. The feature came after Stowelink was awarded the second most innovative youth enterprise around sustainable development goals. We are grateful for MK Africa and my little bigContinue reading “Stowelink featured on national newspaper – The Peoples Daily”

Stowelink attends and presents at the Universal Health Care Conference in Nyeri (part 2) WHAT CAN THE YOUTH DO?

What can the youth do to achieve the universal health care coverage? What can the youth do to prevent and eliminate non communicable diseases? These formed some of the key question that we seeked to answer at the conference and hopefully see them implemented. We discovered that the youth play very key roles in achievingContinue reading “Stowelink attends and presents at the Universal Health Care Conference in Nyeri (part 2) WHAT CAN THE YOUTH DO?”

Stowelink establishes the Kreative hub guidelines. 16/8/2018

Stowelink recently launched the Kreative hub guidelines and designed a system which can be adopted worldwide to change the world and solve most of the problems the youths face. Stowelink is willing to partner with organizations and countries globally in order to make the world a better place and change it for the better. StowelinkContinue reading “Stowelink establishes the Kreative hub guidelines. 16/8/2018”