save a life,save a world project.

i take a break from bringing you all the details of my main project this year,project alpha and bring to you in light yet another project i recently developed and implemented at Kenyatta university SAVE A LIFE ,SAVE A WORLD PROJECT.img_20170208_114248

SAVE A LIFE ,SAVE A WORLD  project is a project which was developed to specifically target the valentines period where most of love activities which sometimes come with sex occur.the project was developed with an aim of offering sex education and the proper use of condoms for the student community of Kenyatta university.during the project.the project also aimed at providing and distributing condoms to the student community for the whole week prior to the valentines day.

we got support from the Kenyatta university aids control unit who provided us with condoms and the necessary  materials we needed for the condom distribution and sex education activities.i must add the project was a huge success having reached out to around 75% of the total student population around Kenyatta university then.the project was aided by the amazing 2nd year POPULATION HEALTH students of Kenyatta university.the students gave their all in insuring that the project was a success and that they reach as much students with the information as possible so as to avoid cases and issues that might arise of unprotected promiscuous sex.



i always say that we can make a change and i believe that definitely we  will make a change.through such acts of kindness and charity and voluntary activities we can achieve more than what a lot of people may actually think.lets save a life,then save a world.

Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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