Kenyatta university school of public health today visited one of the slums in kasarani ,Nairobi Kenya where they had a lot of impact.

But well lets start from the beginning. The students agreed to meet at 8:30 at Kenyatta university main campus gate. Well, most of the people arrived late and this prompted the late departure with students leaving the university premises at around to Kasarani we went with one sole mission, TO CHANGE LIVES.

We arrived to the site of interest 30 mins latter where we were met by a large herd of goat.(just a by the way) on arrival we met our able lecturer Mr George Dianga who was going to lead us in the days activities. Mr Dianga gave us directions on what we were supposed to do and introduced us to the community members who would then help us into the activities of the day which involved.Clean up, addressing sanitation in the area, conduction of a brief health education and impacting on lives of the community members.

We were grouped into then groups of 5-7 people who were given a community leader who would guide them into the communities streets to help do the clean up. Off the groups went and the students were very positive in helping the community which was in a ‘slum’ like setting realize the importance of sanitation and good hygiene.

The activities went on as planned and latter on after all the collection of litter was done, they were collected by a county truck to where they would be safely disposed.
Off course in such activities one should expect challenges and hostilities which we definitely got.some community members weren’t so welcoming while some were harsh and rude but all the same there were some of them which actually gave out a helping hand.


After the collection we met at our starting point where we addressed the community on issues of hygiene and sanitation and the importance of clean environment. The community leaders took our word in and really supported what we told them. Latter on we would procede to lunch which id say by far it was rejuvenating and satisfying this having been provided courtesy of Mr Obuya Jaleny the congressman school of public health.

We would latter leave the shoot site satisfied and happy that we made a positive impact in this community and that very soon we would be going back for follow up to check on how much the community has changed. This definitely was one great day.

ALWAYS STRIVE TO DO GOOD,TO CHANGE LIVES,TO INSPIRE HOPE –Steven Stowel (who was also in attendance)


Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator


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