projectALPHA WORKSHOP[led by SANTE REVA organization] part 2

The project alpha workshop brought the best about cancers and lifestyle diseases on two of training was even better.we got to talk about testicular breast and prostate cancers.


More people attended  this session having missed the first session which happened the day before.the discussion on this day as described by the attendees was nothing short of open straight talk and awesome as the trainers took us into the deeper levels of knowledge and training. one of the most notable momenta as noted by the participants was the breast cancer examination demonstrations and the nuts testicular examination.


To cut this short the participants were given feedback forms to rate the event in the following categories and these are the results


on a rate of 1 to 5 with one being poor and 3 being average and 5 being excellent answer question 1 and 2

Question 1
how was the training experience?

  • 91%  rated 5- excellent
  • 7% rated 4-very good
  • 2% rated 3- good

Question 2
rate if the training met its scope?

  • 87% rated 5- excellent
  • 3% rated 4- very good
  • 10% rated 3- good

question 3
was the information clearly communicated?[yes/no]

100% answered yes

Question 4
did the information have a positive impact on your lifestyle?[yes/no]

100% answered yes

what were the key messages you will take home with you?

  • HPV causes prevention and treatment options
  • importance of  EARLY cancer SCREENING
  • how to check your NUTS[testes for abnormalities]
  • how to properly perform BREAST EXAMINATION.
  • importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle.


This definitely proving that we have just began changing lives.project ALPHA is meant to transform every bit of you towards a healthy lifestyle.

i can confidently say this WE DID IT. we CHANGED LIVES we CHANGE4CANCER.we WILL WIN.

A big thank you to SANTE REVA ORGANIZATION for being with us in this journey.we  as Stowelink really appreciate your massive input into this project.we are so humbled and appreciate the input. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH.



Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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