Stowelink partners with the Marverics to conduct a design thinking training in Kisumu 25/8/2018

Stowelink in august 25th august joined the Marverics team in conducting a design thinking training to residents from Kisumu county, Siaya county and Homabay county who gathered at the YMCA for the training. The training was aimed at changing the participants approach to solving the problems of the community .the training which was attended byContinue reading “Stowelink partners with the Marverics to conduct a design thinking training in Kisumu 25/8/2018”

The Kreative Hub: What is it?

Stowelink is looking forward to launch the Kreative hub and their has been a lot of speculation about what the Kreative hub will be. This post is just to give you hints on what the hub will be all about What is it??? Kreative hub is club in the universities developed by Stowelink specifically byContinue reading “The Kreative Hub: What is it?”

Stowelink nominated and wins the KUSA AWARDS 6/7/2018

Stowelink was nominated for the Kenyatta University Students Association Awards under the category of exemplary leadership deeds Award, a category which seems to award exemplary Students who’ve had actionable impact in societies and communities around them and in the university. official campaign poster Stowelink won this award which was presented to the Stowelink founder MrContinue reading “Stowelink nominated and wins the KUSA AWARDS 6/7/2018”


Hello once again, now today we talk about gender based issues .this was part of the presentation that was done at GREENVIEW ACADEMY. We noticed that these issues really affect our young generation as a result we have incorporated them into our presentations as we transverse the country. So without further ado let’s get intoContinue reading “​MyHeart_KE KISUMU COUNTY TOUR-GREENVIEW ACADEMY PART 3”


Hello there in this post we will be delving more into new issues as concerns cardiovascular health .as we all know information is power. So without further ado, let’s get to it. LIFESTYLE RISK FACTORS THAT CAN BE PREVENTED AND/OR CHANGED SMOKING 🚬  Lifetime smoking roughly doubles your risk of developing heart disease. The chemicalsContinue reading “​MyHeart_KE KISUMU COUNTY TOUR-GREENVIEW ACADEMY PART 2”


Hello world we were at it again this time around taking the message to GREENVIEW ACADEMY. Well this visit was fun packed, taking to a slightly lower number of students than we did in our previous visits. This you would expect because this is a private school. Never the less this visit was one ofContinue reading “​MyHeart_KE KISUMU COUNTY TOUR-GREENVIEW ACADEMY”


hello there again, so on this part two we will talk to you about something we discussed at xaverian primary school.  Well the students really wanted to know more on what wewill be taking about the coming paragraphs but before that id like to thank the administration of Xaverian Primary School for allowing us conductContinue reading “​myHeart_KE KISUMU COUNTY TOUR-XAVERIAN PRIMARY SCHOOL part 2”

projectALPHA WORKSHOP[led by SANTE REVA organization] part 2

The project alpha workshop brought the best about cancers and lifestyle diseases on two of training was even better.we got to talk about testicular breast and prostate cancers. More people attended  this session having missed the first session which happened the day before.the discussion on this day as described by the attendees was nothingContinue reading “projectALPHA WORKSHOP[led by SANTE REVA organization] part 2”

PROJECT ALPHA WORKSHOP(facilitated by Sante Reva Organization) part 1 of 2

So far project ALPHA has used fashion and design in sensitizing for cancer, we have used online means and social media networks,we have used campaigns too and now it was time to use WORKSHOPS AND OPEN FORUMS  to really impact one on one and talk about cancers and relation to sexual health. We couldn’t haveContinue reading “PROJECT ALPHA WORKSHOP(facilitated by Sante Reva Organization) part 1 of 2”