myHeart_KE the A team.(part 2)

Well here is the second part of my amazing group. 

Name Dorothy Oungu
Institution of study  Kenyatta University

Course (Bsc) Public Health

 I’m glad being part of the project myHeart_Ke for some period because I am able to understand the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases and how to overcome such defects for example doing enough exercise and abstaining from too much sugar and cholesterol, Visiting schools and sharing knowledge about cardiovascular with students and pupils become my greater achievement.

Name: Felix Ochieng Otieno 
Institution: Kenyatta University 

Course: Bsc Population Health 

I learnt the importance of team work in promoting project success. We were able to divide labor among us and each person was assigned on his/her of interest. 

I also got to learn about the various ways managing the various cardiovascular diseases. 

Most importantly, I came to realize that most people are ignorant when it comes to cardiovascular health hence end up developing these conditions. Continuous campaigns would therefore be of great importance to help reduce prevalence of these conditions. 

The visits were a success and interesting because we got the opportunity to interact with students from various background and localities hence making it easier to pass the message although various locations from the schools.


Institution of study KENYATTA UNIVERSITY


The heart is a very important organ in the body .Taking food full of fats and calories can cause cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis thrombosis and many others. To keep a healthy heart we must minimize the intake of fatty foods and do a lot of exercise

I learned a lot of things that will help me maintain a healthy heart

Name Atieno Rose Amollo

Institution of study Kenyatta University 

Course Environmental Health (Public Health) 

In the projects of myHeart_KE have learnt that My Heart, My Choice. I choose the heart I want to have such that to keep my heart from diseases I avoid the risks that aid to development of cardiovascular diseases and maintaining a healthy life. Exercise, a cholesterol free diet, and consuming less salt reduce the risk of heart diseases which are world’s top most killer diseases. This project has really increased my knowledge on the importance of health promotion activities as a Public Health Officer 

The visits I made to the various schools I attended was very successful. I really loved the cooperation of school management and their hospitality for visitors above all allowing us interact with the students and learn together on Cardiac matters. This was an exemplary experience and I thank all the organizers and God bless you all

Name: Olulo Francis Pascal Okoko

Institution; Kenyatta University, main campus

Course; Bsc, Population Health

About the project;

An awesome project ; Yes, supper, Phenomenal, fantastic and/or remarkable. I was astonished by the way the targeted population received us, majority being avid to learn, as others were discombobulated by the cause of cardiovascular diseases, symptoms and the simple intervention measures and fathom.

The project in my view enlightened so much the youths in Kisumu county which were at higher risk being either active or passive smokers, addicted to alcoholic drinks among other common causes. It was a motivating project which received commendation, leaving our clients blissful and bringing about antagonism on smocking behavior thereby ameliorating their health.

On my part/ and my fellow project takers; It instilled self confidence, ability to solve problems, and even our social worth being revealed. It exposed us to solving real life issues as it came to our attention that majority of youths suffer silently in matters of drug abuse, gender based violence. The reason being; ignorance,lack/ insufficient knowledge and other just unwilling to change their situations due to peer influence. We made an impact on their lives, hundreds of Kisumu youths, that is. We achieved an objective. We are HEROES. We are the future generation. Big thanks to #stowelink

Let’s inspire

Let’s change lives

Let’s save lives

#myheartke #stowelink

REMEMBER-if you want to support Stowelink Inc and our various projects, if you want collaborations with us or if you want to reach us you can reach us directly through the following contact addresses.

PHONE NUMBER+254714671748


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