Kenya celebrated its annual world stroke day courtesy of the Stroke Association Of Kenya and the Ministry of Health among other collaborating partners. The event was a huge success considering the number of people who turned up for the event to get tested ,know about stroke and off course those who came for the information and entertainment.


Stowelink Inc registered members from Kenyatta University joined the procession

The event started with a 3 km walk procession around the community area where awareness and sensitization was made.The event which took place at the Dagoreti Dc GROUNDS  saw a full attendance of participants to an extent that there was not enough chairs for everyone who attended ; this just to prove how full the venue was. Off course the walk was very enjoyable as we were accompanies by a live band which entertained us with good music.

3 buses full of Stowelink Inc registed members headed to the event from Kenyatta University

We latter on continued to walk to the events venue where a couple of activities were going on including free medical testing, speeches and demonstrations by stoke survivors.The theme of the event was GET INVOLVED, PREVENT STROKE .Stowelink Inc also happened to participate in this event as a  partner where we came with 150 of Stowelink registered members from Kenyatta University to help mark the world stroke day.We were moved by the demonstrations of stroke survivors who were sharpening their skills and demonstrating that clearly their is life after stroke.A stroke survivor demonstrated how to cook despite stroke having affected one of her arms,this was so moving and its something we haven’t forgotten. Latter on our CEO, Mr Stowel gave a short speech to represent his people and the university.


Kenyatta National Hospital was recognized as the stroke friendly institution and awarded a certificate and a trophy for their reliable and exemplary services in handling of stroke patients. And also for being compassionate towards staff members who are stroke survivors. I’m hoping in the next awards Stowelink Inc takes the trophy.

Trophy and certificate for the Stroke Friendly institution

As Stowelink we really want to thank one Dr Njau,department of Non Communicable Diseases from the Ministry of Health who enabled us to form part of the organizing committee which made the event a success. And to the loving family of the Stroke Association of Kenya who spearheaded the event to its successful end. As Stowelink we are looking forward to do an event on stroke courtesy of our current project on cardiovascular health dubbed myheart_ke.

EditTent for the high table guests, key patners and Stroke Survivors

Stowelink Inc members from Kenyatta University during the event

Stowelink Inc CEO,Mr Ogweno with Chairperson KU Public Health Student Union Mr Owinyo

Let’s inspire

Lets change lives

Let’s save lives

#myheartke #stowelink

REMEMBER-if you want to support Stowelink Inc and our various projects, if you want collaborations with us or if you want to reach us you can reach us directly through the following contact addresses.

PHONE NUMBER+254714671748


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