Youth Poetry Contest:Winning Pieces. NO2-FAKE FRIEND



You took me high,
just to watch me tumble down,
Fake friends lied of your goodness,
I felt on top of the world,
Thought my problems were solved.

Why didnt I see the truth,
You’re just but a fake, evil, malicious friend,
You can’t give me peace,
Can never award me status,
Would you give me money?
My heart yearns for love,
just left me in a world of fantasies.

Anytime I know I knock at your door,
You welcome me like a princess,
You give momentary company,
I feel good and safe,
For seconds ,Minutes, Hours.

Soon are gone,
Leaving me lonely, anxious and disappointed
I wish i had known you earlier.

Is it because you know for sure,
I will be back looking for you,
That you treat me like a rag?

What kind of friend are you,
Anytime you call on me,
I will steal or kill,
When you strangle me,
Make me commit all evils,
Could even commit suicide
I forget and push away my dreams!

What kind of friend are you?
carrying disease with you,
to transmit to your friends,
Do you know how friends and families suffer?

First you befriended father,
mama left home,
couldn’t bear the shame and blame,
your friendship brought home.

You become my friend ,
everyone has left me,
They say am changed..
I know have changed too.

We buried neighbour next door,
I didn’t see you at his funeral,
Or the night we found his body, dangling from the roof.
Thought Id find you by his bed.

It’s high time we parted ways,
I long to be free and myself again ,
I long and want a drug free life,
I say NO to your friendship,
I say NO to your embrace,
Go your way!

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Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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