Youth Poetry Contest:Winning Pieces. NO3- THE DRUG FREE YOUTH


Seme duncan
*Stage name~Sememshairi*
*County~Trans nzoia*

The drug free youth poet,
I choose to write,
To Write what can be written and speak what can be spoken,
I choose to speak to touch the hearts,
To touch the hearts through art and be part
Of it,
Art to give a hut,
Art to build a hat and art to heal the hurt,
Iam and will remain to be,
The drug free youth poet

What is in drugs that is more important
than good health and long life?
What is in drugs that make some think it’s a must to abuse them?
Endangering their life
But still have the courage to keep on abusing them,
let us stop it and bring this to an end,
Just like how a full stop brings a sentence to an end,
have started, start too and let them also start,
Because it starts with me you and them,
don’t wait to start,
It will be late and later regret,
Oh! Get it, get it and put it in your mind
and let’s walk the journey together and remain
to be
the drug free youths

Cancer has taken the lead,
Leading liver Cirrhosis and other diseases to kill our people,
Pinching our people because of abusing drugs
and inducing suffering to them,
causing pain which has no gain and leave them in vain,
their arteries and veins undergoing torture in the body,
from one person to another
and the chain continues,
travelling the journey to death led by drugs who are the drivers,
let us bring this to an end, let us stop it
and remain to be
the drug free youths

what has a beginning has an end,
I had to start and now I have to end,
But I can’t end speaking what I have to speak
Because that will be to pretend,
Join me, hold my hand we spread the message and believe
It can be done,
Let us change our society and the future generation
And be drug free youths


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Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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