Youth Poetry Contest:Winning Pieces. Special recognition- THE LAST PUFF TO FREEDOM




“Evening was no longer the time
Nor to puff out our minds
But the time to acknowledge
That we are our own slaves”

This is the last puff to freedom
This is the last glass to reality
This is it that which i have long desired for
Free from fear,open to reality
Drinking on the same pot with morality
For this is the time and the hour
That the chained must be unbound
And in a mirror we must discover
Our other self, that we long refuted

He who runs along greatness,
Ceases to be it’s portion
When we shed tears and cry of our detriments,
Manifested in scars and unhealing wounds
We unearth the sixth sense,
Recollect ourselves from our lost existence
To reality
“This drug wasted me”

I have accommodated misery in my own being,
Cultivated addiction to be my portion
I have been drunk and for long
Existed in my own world that exists not
I have been a stray cat, that wonders
One who dorns in violence and sickness

Confessions from a man whose lung is dark,
Drugs are just bitter pills swallowed in brevity
That brings an aftermath regret
That is realised in deadly infections
Lets shun from drugs, and as the closest enemy regard it
For it retardates our progress, from good to bad
Eating us from whole, bit by bit

Cancer has become a menace
That feels good, harboured deep in us
Liver cirrhosis and kidney damages,
Gastrointestinal and cardiovascular all because of a mere sip or an unregulated puff
A damaged brain that ceases to reason
We have been dragged into poverty
For how can a drunk be of a good use?

Come one, come all
Let’s all hold hands
And in unison speak of the ills of drug abuse
Let us bring up a sober generation
That knows not how to sniff or puff
That knows it is evil to peddle drugs
Or be apparently rooted in them

©Julias Arkadi

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Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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