Official name: Betty Magadi
Stage name: Artiché
City & Country: Kisumu, Kenya
Profession: Student
Email address:

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Title: *Cold_Fire, Hot_Ice*

You have trode through depths unknown,
Spirit frowned due to a case unsolved…
This is all of the fear you own… Do not make it your own!
Each time you look at your feet, Each time you crave a melodious beat,
You sit down but you cannot resist, your guard is down, but your anger insists!
The pressure’s bound_ still you’re part of a fix!
You walk and pave, through oblivious quests, you’re not the source, but it’s all in your chests!
All cold, no fire, just tests.

Mental unrest, cliché, but skin through a fence!
Emotional distress, touché, perhaps an offense!
Bodily defense, you learn to not touch your face!
Survey the Mercy seat of indulgence, it has never been a matter of urgence!
Bow at the hostility of darkness_ it might be as much your Providence…
No income, more rain come! Just enough to keep you restless!
All cold, no fire, just tests!

The day will always bring in the natives,
Purpose, bloom, glow, beyond the negatives_
Tight on loose ends, no hurt! No sedatives!
Flight on love, for love, in all the relatives!
Hugs for the dads, for the moms, the guardians on daily shifts_
We all live and we learn, we survive on imperatives!
Cold_fire, Hot_ice, bold tests!

From the trees to the breeze, the earth’s healing!
You have seen in the screens, join in the feeling_
Fresh edibles! Fresh air! No cancer is appealing!
The beauty of nature goes mentally stealing,
How pure are the flowers, romantically speaking?
Very impressive, and naturally inspiring_
More cold, more fire, warm and home welcoming.

For the love of talent the pandemic has brought,
Unto the world a gift of thought…
Whether we did it, or we fought…
There is a war, of mind and of the heart…
One chooses, whether to build a protective hut!
In line of duty, one never hopes to part_ in the eyes of a jury, all play a part!


Published by Stephen Ogweno

a global health practitioner, NCD advocate and mHealth Innovator

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